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Puffy vs Puffy Lux: Which Mattress is Better?

Puffy vs Puffy Lux: Which Mattress is Better?

If you’re looking for a comfortable foam mattress, you may have stumbled upon Puffy, a popular mattress manufacturer. The question is, which is better in the battle of Puffy vs Puffy Lux?

We might be able to answer that for you, although of course, it depends on what you’re looking for in a mattress.

Today we’ll be looking at the Puffy and the Puffy Lux in detail. We’ll look at their construction, materials, and feel. We’ll also look at their warranties and test times, how they compare in terms of price, and which types of sleepers will like the Puffy and the Puffy Lux.

If you’re in a hurry, let’s start with the main differences, so you can get a quick idea about what sets them apart!

Main Differences Between Puffy vs Puffy Lux

The main differences between Puffy vs Puffy Lux are:

  • Puffy is a bit cheaper, whereas the Puffy Lux is over $600 more expensive
  • Puffy is a medium-firm mattress, whereas the Puffy Lux is a medium-plush mattress
  • Puffy might be okay for slightly hot sleepers, whereas the Puffy Lux doesn’t suit hot sleepers
  • Puffy is comprised of 3 layers, whereas the Puffy Lux is comprised of 4 layers

As you can see, there aren’t a huge amount of differences between the Puffy and the Puffy Lux, but the main thing to look at is the price difference and the feel – the Puffy Lux is more expensive and softer, so if you love the feel of a soft mattress, it could be a better choice for you than the original Puffy.

Puffy vs Puffy Lux – the Mattresses Compared

Now that we’ve looked at the main differences between the two, let’s take a look at each one in more detail, starting with the classic Puffy mattress.

Puffy Mattress

puffy mattress 1

Materials and Feel

The Puffy Mattress is one of Puffy’s best-selling mattresses.

First off, a note for hot sleepers – it’s a mixed bag in terms of keeping you cool at night. It’s designed to contour your body, like many foam mattresses.

This is great for a lot of reasons, but it does mean that you might find it suffocating if you tend to sleep warm. The gel-infused layer on top, as well as the temperature-resistant transition layer, may help to mitigate this. Still, if you sleep very hot, that may not be enough, and you might be better off looking for something with more airflow.

It’s a medium-firm model – pretty much exactly in the middle. Side sleepers should enjoy sleeping on this mattress. It has contoured support foam, compressing at key points (like the hips and shoulders). This should stop you from getting sore at night.

The contouring helps to keep the spine in alignment, which makes it a good choice if you tend to suffer from back pain or find it hard to get comfortable at night.

Back sleepers and stomach sleepers may find it comfortable, too. However, sleepers over 230lbs may find that it just doesn’t offer enough support, and they may wake up with aches and pains. You may want to look for something a little thicker than the 10” that the original Puffy mattress provides.

Couples will find this mattress works well, especially if one of you tends to toss and turn or get up a lot at night – the motion isolation means you won’t disturb each other.

A helpful bonus of the Puffy mattress is the cover – it’s stain-resistant, and you can zip it off to wash it. It’s easy to put back on again, too. The materials used in the cover are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified, which means it’s been tested for harmful substances.


mattress puffy

Here’s a look at each layer that comprises the Puffy mattress:

  • Comfort layer – 2” of gel-infused comfort foam
  • Transition layer – 2” of temperature-resistant polyfoam
  • Support layer – 6” of high-density polyfoam

The original Puffy mattress can be used on any surface including flat frames, slats, box springs, and adjustable frames.

It does have a bit of an off-gassing smell when unboxed. This is a natural process and occurs with all foam mattresses to some extent. It should dissipate after a couple of days.

Foam mattresses that come in boxes take a little while to expand to their full size. Although they do expand quite dramatically at first, it does take a couple of days for them to reach their full size.

Puffy Lux

puffy lux mattress

Materials and Feel

The Puffy Lux is very similar to the original Puffy, with a few ‘upgrades’ (depending on your point of view).

Hot sleepers won’t see the Lux as an upgrade. This is because it’s super cushioned, a bit softer than the original Puffy, and will make you feel as though you’re being cradled. This restricts the airflow, which means that despite the cooling gel-infused layer on top, you’re going to feel the warmth pretty quickly.

It’s a medium-plush model, which means it’s a bit softer than the original Puffy, but not completely soft. It does have some good support in the base layers.

However, if you like a soft mattress, you’ll probably enjoy using this one. It’s another good one for side sleepers, offering great pressure relief around the hip and shoulder area.

Those who sleep on their back should enjoy this mattress too, but stomach sleepers might find it doesn’t offer enough support to stop you from sinking too far into it. Like the original Puffy, it may not work for those over 230lbs, as it won’t give you enough support around the spine to allow you to be comfortable, despite the thicker size at 12”.

It does offer great motion isolation. You shouldn’t notice it if your partner gets up or moves around in the night. Plus, the cover is stain-resistant, machine-washable, and Oeko-Tex Certified.


puffy lux

Let’s take a look at the layers of the Puffy Lux:

  • First Comfort Layer – 1.5” of gel-infused memory foam
  • Second Comfort Layer – 1.5” of polyfoam
  • Transition Layer – 2” of denser polyfoam
  • Support Layer – 7” of high-density polyfoam

Like the Puffy, it can be used on any type of bed frame. It also has the same issue with off-gassing, like all-foam mattresses. The off-gassing smell dissipates after a couple of days. It also takes a couple of days to fully expand.

Puffy Mattress vs Puffy Lux – Warranties and Test Times

Unsurprisingly as they’re from the same company, the original Puffy mattress and the Puffy Lux offer the same warranty and sleep trial. You’ll get a 101-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Brand Trial period Warranty
Puffy 101 nights Lifetime
Puffy Lux 101 nights Lifetime

Ideally, you should try out your new mattress for 30 nights, to give your body a chance to adjust to it. That way you should get a good idea of whether you find it comfortable or not. The first few nights may cause some aches and pains, but that shouldn’t last for too long.

You can request a refund if it still doesn’t feel right for you after that time. Puffy donates returned mattresses to charity, which is nice – this means you can trust that your mattress is going to be used by someone who needs it.

The lifetime warranty is pretty generous, so if you do discover a fault and it turns out to be a manufacturing problem, they will refund you.

Puffy Mattress vs Puffy Lux – Prices

the puffy mattress

So, how do the two models compare in terms of price? There’s a little bit of a difference here, so let’s explore whether the price gap is worth it:

Price Comparison

The original Puffy Mattress is around $600 cheaper than the Puffy Lux. That’s a pretty big gap, so is it worth it?

In general, Puffy mattresses are on the higher end of the price scale, compared to other companies like Tuft and Needle.

With the Puffy Lux, you’re paying extra for the extra layers, essentially, and the softer feeling. So, whether you want to spend that much will be down to the kind of mattress you’re looking for. If you want a mattress that is going to cradle you at night, you might think it’s worth the extra cash spent.

Puffy Mattress vs Puffy Lux – Who are These Mattresses Best for?

puffy lux

How can you choose between the two models? Let’s take a look at who these mattresses will suit the best:

Puffy Mattress

Hot sleepers may want to keep looking here, although we do think it sleeps a bit cooler than the Puffy Lux. Still, if you are a very hot sleeper, you may want to look at a hybrid mattress, as they can be better in terms of airflow (like the mattresses in our WinkBeds vs DreamCloud comparison).

If you’re a side sleeper, the original Puffy will suit you well. It’s cushioned and supportive, so you won’t have to worry about pressure points forming. It also suits back sleepers and stomach sleepers, but sleepers over 230lbs may not find enough support with this mattress and may wake up with aches and pains.

If you like the feeling of being cradled by your mattress, but not too much, this is a good choice for you.

The motion isolation is also great for couples.

Recap: You Should Love the Puffy Mattress If You …

  • Don’t sleep hot
  • Weigh under 230lbs
  • Are a side sleeper
  • Are part of a couple
  • You like being cradled by your mattress, whilst not sinking into it too deeply

Puffy Lux

So, what about the Puffy Lux? Well, it’s not for hot sleepers. It sleeps even warmer than the original Puffy, as you sink into it so much. If you get cold at night, it could work quite well for you. If not, you may want to keep looking.

It’s another good choice for side sleepers, as it has the same cushioning and support as the Puffy. Being deeply cradled by your mattress works well at keeping your spine in alignment.

It’s also okay for back sleepers, but stomach sleepers may want to look for something firmer. It’s also not that great for sleepers over 230lbs, as it just doesn’t offer enough resistance and support. Again, heavier sleepers may find themselves waking up in pain after sleeping on the Puffy Lux.

It’s a medium-plush mattress, so it’s definitely softer than the original Puffy. If you do like being cradled by your mattress, and you enjoy the cozy feeling of a soft mattress, this could be the one for you.

It also has great motion isolation, which makes it another good choice for couples.

Recap: You Should Love the Puffy Lux If You …

  • Don’t sleep hot
  • Are under 230lbs
  • Are a side sleeper
  • Are part of a couple
  • Love the feeling of being deeply cradled by your mattress

Puffy vs Puffy Lux Alternatives to Consider

there are a few alternatives we can recommend if you’re looking for an all-foam mattress:

  • Amerisleep is a well-known brand that has been going on since 2010. They make high-quality foam mattresses in various thicknesses and firmness levels. You can read more about them in our Amerisleep AS4 Review.
  • Purple is another good choice. It has some interesting technology, including the Grid layer in their mattresses, which helps to improve airflow. You can find out more in our Purple vs Nectar Mattress Comparison.
  • Zinus create some great foam mattresses on a budget if some of the brands we’ve mentioned so far are out of your price range. You can find out more about them in our Zinus Memory Foam Mattress Review.
  • Layla creates some good-quality foam mattresses, which may appeal to side sleepers or those who like to switch sleeping positions. You can find out more in our Layla vs Bear Mattress Comparison.


Question: How long has Puffy been around?

Answer: Puffy launched its flagship mattress in 2017. That means it’s hard to tell at this point how durable these mattresses are, but so far, they seem to be holding up well according to users.

Question: Where are Puffy mattresses made?

Answer: Puffy mattresses are manufactured in the USA.

Question: Do I need to flip my Puffy Mattress or Puffy Lux?

Answer: No, the layers are designed in a way that they don’t need to be flipped. They do benefit from being rotated every year or so.

Question: Are the foams that Puffy uses good for my health?

Answer: Yes. The foams used are CertiPUR-US Certified, which means they’ve been tested for harmful materials like heavy metals. Their covers are Oeko-Tex Certified, too.

To Sum Up … Which Puffy Mattress is Best?

It’s a hard one to answer because of course, it’s so personal!

If we had to pick a winner, we’d go with the original Puffy. It’s great for the price, it offers a lot of support and resistance whilst still allowing you to sink slightly into it, it works better for hot sleepers than the Lux, and it’s great for most sleeping positions.

However, that’s not to say you should completely disregard the Lux. While many mattresses fall into the ‘medium-firm’ category like the original Puffy mattress, it can be a bit more difficult to find a plush mattress that doesn’t feel too soft to be comfortable.

The Lux works well in that regard. If you want to be deeply cradled by your mattress but you want to wake up comfortably, it’s definitely one to try out.

As Puffy offers a sleep trial, you can give either one a go, and then return it if it doesn’t work for you, which is great! We hope this comparison has helped you to find the best mattress for you.

You can find out more about Puffy if you want to keep reading: