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A Guide to the Best Anti-Snoring Devices

A Guide to the Best Anti-Snoring Devices
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    Snoring is the nightmare of every light sleeper. It’s a common condition, which makes it pretty natural as long as it’s occasional. However, snoring is often a long-term problem and the causes behind it can be indicators of a more severe affection. Thankfully, there are several anti-snoring devices available at extremely affordable prices who do a great job in preventing snoring. They’ve been tested by people worldwide, are chemical-free and can finally allow your sleeping partner to get some rest.


    There are plenty of different factors that can lead to snoring, and one of the most common ones is known as obstructive sleep apnea. However, there are other factors that can influence a temporary or more permanent state of snoring. Some of the examples include:

    • The anatomy of your mouth. If you have a thick and low soft palate, this can lead to a narrowing of your airway. For instance, if there is a triangular piece of tissue that’s hanging
    • Being overweight. People who are overweight have extra tissues located in the back of their throats, which also makes the airways narrower.
    • Consuming larger quantities of alcohol before bed can also lead to the throat muscles overrelaxation, which can also be a cause for snoring.
    • People that have nasal problems, such as chronic nasal congestion, are also likelier to snore.
    • Sleep deprivation is another leading cause of snoring.
    • People who sleep on their backs will have gravity working towards making them snore in a lot of cases.

    There are a few cases where you’re most likely to develop a habit of snoring. For instance, males are more prone to snore and have sleep apnea compared to women. People who are overweight are also likelier to end up having sleep apnea. Also, if you have a family history of sleep apnea, you are likely to have it as well.

    While snoring isn’t a cause for concern if you only do it every once in awhile, constant snoring could be a symptom of an underlying medical condition that requires immediate attention. Snoring that’s caused by sleep apnea can lead to disruptions in a person’s sleeping pattern, which comes with plenty of next-day consequences. If you don’t get enough sleep or lack sleep quality, you will end up feeling groggy the next day. This causes excessive daytime fatigue, problems in maintaining focus, and a severe case of frustration that could even ruin one’s relationships.

    If your snoring is induced by sleep apnea, you could also end up having a series of really complicated health problems. Since sleep apnea is basically a halt in one’s breath, it can lead t problems such as stroke, type 2 diabetes, heart problems, or elevated blood pressure.

    Needless to say, snoring is also a very obnoxious habit and if you snore really loud, you could end up disturbing your partner, and that can also lead to a number of other related problems that we’re not going to dive into right now.

    Before we continue with any other snoring-related information, it’s important to define sleep apnea, as this is one of the major medical causes of snoring. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that causes your breathing to repeatedly stop and start as you’re sleeping. If you have sleep apnea, which means that the muscles located in the back of your throat relax up to a point where your airway closes and you simply can’t breathe anymore.

    As this occurs, there will be very little oxygen in your blood, which can cause a number of other long-term complications, amongst which the most severe ones are stroke and heart failure. Some people might live with sleep apnea and not even know it, as your body signals that you are out of oxygen so you can wake up and inhale. However, people that do wake up do it very briefly and then fall right back to sleep, without remembering anything the next day.

    People that share a bed with someone are more likely to discover they have sleep apnea because the partner might notice loud snoring and even these breathing halts that are characteristic of the sleep disorder.

    Diagnosing Snoring Problems

    If you notice or your partner tells you that you snore all the time, it’s best to get a medical exam to discover if there are any problems that might be causing this. Doctors will look over the signs and symptoms of your snoring, as well as perform tests to discover more about the problem. If you’re not sure about your snoring habits, you might want to ask your partner to join you for the consultation, as the doctor will most likely ask a series of questions in order to determine the severity of the problem.

    In some situations, doctors might choose to perform imagining tests, like CT scans, MRIs, or X-rays. The purpose of these tests is for the doctor to get a better image of your airway structure and see if you might have problems such as a deviated septum.

    Sleep studies are the most common types of tests meant to show what exactly could be an underlying cause for constant snoring. For the most part, these tests are performed at home, but in some cases, you might be required to spend the night at a clinic or a sleep centre. If you do sleep in a clinic, you will be subject to polysomnography, which is an in-depth analysis of your breathing patterns as you sleep.

    Before you go to sleep, you will be connected to different sensors and kept under observation for the night. The role of these sensors is to pick up information about your heart rate, breathing rate, brain waves, eye and leg movements, or blood oxygen levels.

    Treating Snoring

    For the most part, people who snore have to make a series of lifestyle changes that might solve the problem with the need for any other forms of treatment. Such solutions include switching from your back to your side to avoid overrelaxing the throat muscles, avoiding alcoholic drinks (especially before going to bed), making sure that you get plenty of sleep in order to avoid sleep deprivation, or losing weight.

    However, when the situation is much more complex than that, there are other ways to treat snoring, but it really depends on whether you also have obstructive sleep apnea or not. If you do, there are two forms of non-invasive treatment that your doctor might suggest.

    One solution is turning to oral appliances. There are actually mouthpieces that are available in different configurations and made from several types of materials. The role of these devices is to change the positioning of your jaw, but also to make sure that your tongue and soft palate don’t cause any potential air intake blockage (we’ll talk more about mouthguards in just a little bit).

    Another treatment for people who snore due to obstructive sleep apnea is buying a CPAP machine. There are devices with masks that you have to wear on your face while you’re sleeping. At the other end of this mask lies a central control unit that basically releases pressurized air through a hose and into the mask, making sure that you can get the required breath intake that’s essential for your health on so many levels. Make no mistake, CPAP machines require a medical prescription and always make sure that you buy them from an authorized seller. Doctors will also be able to determine what is the best air pressure setting for your particular problem, and the seller will usually make that setting as per your prescription before shipping your device.

    If other forms of treatment fail or if you have severe sleep apnea, you may require a medical intervention of sorts. There are several surgeries that are useful for treating sleep apnea, but that’s for the doctor to asses and determine which one is most suitable in your case. Some potential interventions include:

    • Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty – This is a medical intervention that required removing the excess tissue from your throat. You will be sedated the entire time and will basically be given a face-lift for your throat.
    • Maxillomandibular advancement – This is a type of surgery that moves the upper and lower jaws forwards in order to open up your airway.
    • Radiofrequency tissue ablation – By using low-intensity radiofrequency signals, this surgery can actually shrink the tissue of your nose, tongue, or soft palate.
    • Hypoglossal nerve stimulation – This is a more revolutionary procedure that implied stimulating the nerve in charge of the tongue’s forward movement so that it doesn’t block the airway when you breathe.

    Lifestyle Changes

    Aside from finding the best anti-snoring device, there are several lifestyle changes you can undergo to try and prevent this from happening. Since weight is one of the primary causes of snoring, losing weight can also help solve the problem. When you’re overweight, there are chances of you having some extra throat tissue that results in a narrower airway. Alternatively, you can also try sleeping on the side. Truthfully, the best position for people who suffer from sleep apnea is on the stomach, but this poses several other spine-alignment related problems. The point is, you should try to avoid sleeping on the back, as gravity causes your tongue to fall backwards and obstructs airflow.

    You can also try raising the upper part of your body, either by using a wedge pillow or investing in an adjustable bed that allows head elevation. Even a mere four-inch elevation could do the trick. There are also nasal trips that you can use to prevent snoring. These strips are applied on the nose’s bridge and can enlarge the nasal passage to allow better airflow. Otherwise, you can purchase nasal dilators which are placed on the outside of your nose to enhance air circulation.

    If you have allergies, you are more prone to snoring compared to people who don’t. A deviated septum also causes restrictions in air circulation through the nose. When the nose restricts airflow, your body automatically starts breathing through the mouth and this increases the possibility of snoring.

    Vices such as alcohol or smoking are frequent causes of snoring. As drastic as it sounds, you can reduce the chances of snoring if you quit smoking. Alcoholic beverages are also a cause for snoring and you should avoid drinking them at least two hours before going to bed. A combination of alcohol and sedatives leads to the depression of your central nervous system. In turn, this over-relaxes the muscles and the tissues in your throat, which can eventually lead to snoring.

    How Anti-Snoring Devices Work

    There is a series of anti-snoring devices that function in different ways and can help prevent snoring in adults. A lot of people don’t use them because they cause oral discomfort, as one has to adjust with a foreign body inside the mouth. Eventually, these devices can lead to excess saliva or cause the mouth to dry. It is recommended to use an anti-snoring device after a thorough check-up, to see if they are indeed a good fit. If they prove to be efficient, they have numerous benefits, such as their affordable pricing, the efficiency and the simplicity of use.

    There are four main types of anti-snoring devices.

    Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)

    This is just a fancy term for mouthpieces. They are considered to be very efficient because they can shift your mandible forward in order to tighten the airway’s upper tissues. When you breathe, there are natural vibration occurring in these tissues. When the vibrations are too loud, that’s when you start snoring. These mouthpieces also help you breathe better, as your airway tissues are straightened and you can inhale more oxygen. Not only do they help people prevent snoring, but they are also useful for people who tend to grind their teeth at night. However, there are some downsides to MADs, such as mouth soreness (caused by the discomfort of holding a rough object in your oral cavity), dry mouth or excessive drooling.

    Nasal Strips

    A lot of you already know what a nasal strip looks like. They were originally designed to aid people who suffer from allergies and nasal congestions breathe better, but since they open up your nasal passageway, they can also prevent snoring. Their main benefit is that they can be used both in the daytime and while sleeping, but if you generally breathe through your mouth when you sleep, the strips are pretty much rendered useless.

    These products are quite popular amongst pregnant women who have trouble with snoring during their pregnancy but also aren’t allowed to take medication or undergo any medical procedure before they’ve had their baby.

    Chin Straps

    Originally, chin straps were created for patients who needed to recover after facial surgery. It was later discovered that the chin strap is also effective in keeping the airways open during sleep, and that’s how it became an efficient method to prevent snoring. It’s especially useful for people who breathe through their mouth when sleeping. However, it’s not suitable for people who suffer from sleep apnea. It’s also be known to cause people to grind their teeth because the mouth is held so tightly closed.


    This trio is normally recommended for people who only snore on occasion, because they are experiencing a sinus problem or when they have nasal congestions due to having the flu. Normally, this help decreases the mucus production and they are made from natural ingredients. However, they are just a short-term solution and don’t actually prevent snoring in the long run.

    Other anti-snoring devices

    • Nasal vents are basically earplugs for your nostrils. Their role is to make sure that your nostrils are opened wide enough to allow a sufficient amount of air intake while you breathe at night.
    • It isn’t rare for snoring to be caused by really dry air, which is why a humidifier might help a lot with your snoring problems, should that be the case. These are devices that keep the air inside the room moist, preventing your nasal membranes from drying out.
    • Another potential solution for snoring that’s caused the air inside the room is using an air purifier with a HEPA filter. These products have proven to be very efficient for people who suffer from allergic rhinitis, as they will increase the air quality inside the room and prevent further nasal congestions.
    • You could try using wedge pillows that have been designed to prevent snoring. They tilt your head into a position that prevents the airways from closing, allowing you to breathe easier.
    • Believe it or not, there is actually such a thing as anti-snoring pajamas. These are designed to force you to sleep on the side instead of your back, preventing throat muscle relaxation that could lead to snoring. Their design differs from one model to another. For instance, some of them have inflatable belts or have pockets with weights that can persuade you to sleep on the side. Even if you tend to roll on your back as your sleeping, they will cause a mild discomfort that will “force” you to roll over to the side once again.
    • There are also certain solutions that might help in case you have nasal congestions. Some people use a nasal rinse with saline in order to clean their airways. You can also buy over-the-counter nasal decongestants if you have something like the flu. Snoring is quite common when you’re got a cold.

    Best Anti-Snore Solution Recommendations

    In order to pick the very best anti-snore solution, you would first have to know what causes your snoring in the first place. People who are snoring because of cold-induced nasal congestions are better off with one solution, while pregnant women who snore during their pregnancy might require another. Also, if you’re snoring because you have a sleep disorder (such as sleep apnea), it’s best if you allow your doctor to make the right recommendations.

    Snorepin™ Anti Snoring Aid Sleep Device

    This is a cost-effective solution that is basically an earplug for your nose. These noseplugs are designed to make sure that the walls of your nostrils are further apart from each other, making sure that you can easily breathe. They come with slits on the surface of the product that could potentially trap airborne particles and prevent you from inhaling them. Because this product forces you to breathe through your nose, you are also less likely to end up having a dry mouth the entire night. They are made from polyurethane in order to prevent attracting dust, and they can easily be cleaned whenever needed.

    Snorepin™ – Anti Snoring Aid Sleep Device
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    Breathe Right Clear Nasal Strips

    If nasal strips are something that might best serve your purpose, these Breathe Right ones are pretty decent and worthy of your money. The company itself makes these for different types of skin, in different sizes, and to cater to the individual needs of a wide variety of sleepers. These are basically trips that go above the nostrils, opening up the airway so that you can breathe even if you have nasal congestion or narrow nostrils.

    Breathe Right Nasal Strips to Stop Snoring
    $28.34 ($0.47 / Count)
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    Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers for Bedroom

    If your snoring is caused by the air inside your bedroom being too dry, there are two things you can try. You can either place bowls with warm water all around the bedroom every night, or you can automate the process and buy a machine that literally takes care of releasing humidity into the air for you. And while we’re on the topic of humidifiers, here is an Everlasting product that’s absolutely a champion at what it does. It’s basically a cool-mist humidifier that comes with a 1.6-gallon tank capable of holding water and releasing it into the air in the form of a fine mist. It has plenty of other useful features as well, like an essential oils tray for adding some fragrance to the room, an auto-shutdown feature, and the lack of need for any consumables.

    Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers for Bedroom
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    YOUN Chin Strap

    Those of you that like to sleep on their backs because it’s more comfortable or because you have some kind of medical condition that requires you to sleep in this position might find yourselves in a situation where your snoring because gravity forces your tongue to slip back and your throat muscles to relax. In most cases, all you really need is something that will keep your mouth closed so that you can breathe through your nose and prevent snoring. And that’s where products like YOUN come in. This is a chin strap that basically goes around the chin and head, keeping your mouth closed. It’s made from lightweight neoprene and can be adjusted for the best fit.

    YOUN Chin Strap
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    FitPlus Wedge Pillow

    Sometimes, all you need is a little “push” to help you sleep in the right position. The FitPlus wedge pillow is designed for such a purpose, to provide you with a product that will elevate the upper side of your body just enough to prevent deep throat muscle relaxation that could lead to snoring. The pillow is made from memory and provides the kind of support that you’re already familiar with if you’ve ever slept on a memory foam mattress. Not only can this pillow prevent you from snoring, but it can also make sure that you have good support and pressure point relief if you have neck pain or acid reflux.

    FitPlus Premium Wedge Pillow
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    ZQuiet® Anti-Snoring Treatment 

    ZQuiet is probably one of the most popular anti-snoring devices currently available on the market. It can help stabilize the jaw by preventing back falling. This opens your airways and allows you to breathe comfortably while you are sleeping. This FDA-regulated mouthpiece was created by a dentist and was designed to be easy to use and comfortable to wear at the same time. The latter feature is really important, as it’s often uncomfortable having to sleep with a foreign body in our mouth.

    There are a few tricks that can help you get the best out of your ZQuiet device. When you first use it, don’t push it by adding it to a full eight-hour sleep cycle. Instead, allow yourself some time to get used to the mouthpiece. Try wearing it when you’re awake, in a session of twenty to thirty minutes. Also, try soaking it in a recipient with warm water before applying it. This will help soften the materials and make it feel more comfortable in your mouth. The set contains two mouthpieces that are suitable for both men and women.

    Since this is a mouthpiece, cleaning is of the uttermost importance. It’s recommended that you clean it just as you would do with the rest of your mouth: scrub it using toothpaste and a toothbrush. Rinse it with warm water and then use a soft towel to remove any excess water. It’s important to avoid using mouthwash, as the alcohol can damage the mouthpiece. Always use the included case to make sure the product is kept away from germs and bacteria.


    • Results are visible from the first night of use.
    • Provides two mouthpieces, labelled Comfort 1 and 2.
    • You get 30 days of a free trial.
    • Allows the sleeper to breathe through the mouth.


    • It may take a while getting used to.
    • It can sometimes fall out since it allows the jaw to open and close.


    • Dimensions: N/A
    • Weight: 2.7 ounces
    • Storage Case Included: Yes

    See How ZQuiet Compares to Other Devices:

    Eliminator Adjustable Mouthpiece

    First thing you should know about the Eliminator Adjustable Mouthpiece is that it’s made from two different kinds of plastic: outer hard and inner soft. The inside of the product is made with softer plastic to avoid discomfort as much as possible. In order to customize the piece, you can use the method commonly known as “boil and bite”. Should the mouthpiece be too big, remember that, in time, it can shrink up to 30%.

    To customize the mouthpiece, you need to heat a bowl of water inside the microwave until it begins to boil. By using a pair of tongs, submerge the piece in the heated water and then transfer it into a bowl of cold water. This will help prevent any mouth burns. When the device has cooled down, put it in your mouth, making sure that it touches the front of your teeth. Once both the upper and the lower parts are in place, bite down the mouthpiece for about twenty seconds. Press your fingers around the mouth area and use your tongue to suck out the air, creating a vacuum for a tighter mold. When the twenty seconds are up, take the device in your hands and check to see if the teeth marks are visible. If everything is in order, put the device back in the bowl of cold water. Always keep in mind that you can customize your mouthpiece about three times, as the soft plastic loses its shaping properties after that.

    Caring for your Eliminator anti-snoring device is not only a step towards ensuring a longer lifespan of the products, but it’s also crucial in maintaining proper oral hygiene. The manufacturer recommends the use of an ultrasonic cleaner, but a simple toothbrush and toothpaste should suffice. Make sure that you clean the device every morning and then place it back into its storage container.


    • Can be adjusted via the boil and bite method.
    • Doesn’t contain any BPA.
    • Has a very affordable price tag.
    • Provides 30 days of free trial.


    • A bit large for people with small jaws.
    • No info to indicate if the product is FDA approved.


    • Dimensions: Front height – 1.09 inches; rear height – 0.8 inches; overall depth – 1.65 inches; widest point – 2.63 inches
    • Weight: 3.2 ounces
    • Storage Case Included: Yes

    Tranquility Pro 2 Adjustable Bruxism Night Mouthpiece

    The Tranquility Pro 2 mouthpiece doesn’t necessarily bring something new to the table, as its construction and benefits are pretty similar to the ones described above. Aside from acting a very good anti-snoring device, it also prevents teeth grinding. The adjustment process is also based on the boil and bite method.

    Whenever you start the customization process, make sure that you have all the necessary items at hand, as you’ll have to move quickly. Take two bowls filled with water and a pair of tongs. Boil the water from the first bowl and use the pair of tongs to submerge the device in boiling water. After having done so, move the mouthpiece into the boil of cold water and leave it for three seconds, to make sure it cools off enough as to avoid any mouth burns. Now it’s time to calibrate the mouthpiece to the best fit for you. Place the device in your mouth, making sure it fits snuggly both on the upper side as well as the jaw. Bite and hold the piece in place for about ten minutes and then remove it.  Thanks to the precision lock technology, you can adjust the mouthpiece to the setting that suits you most.


    • Acts as a good anti-snoring device.
    • Prevents sleepers from grinding their teeth.
    • Easy to adjust.
    • Comes with a protective case.


    • Not recommended before seeing a sleep specialist.
    • It’s a bit uncomfortable.


    • Dimensions: N/A
    • Weight: 0.16 ounces
    • Storage Case Included: Yes
    Tranquility Pro 2 Adjustable Bruxism Night Mouthpiece Sleep Mouthguard Mouth Guard Aid NOT Suitab...
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    ZYPPAH Mouthpiece

    As we’ve mentioned in the first part of this article, when your tongue is relaxed and especially when you sleep on your back, your tongue often falls back and ends up restricting airflow. The Zyppah mouthpiece is basically taking a two-way approach towards solving the snoring problem, as it also holds your tongue in place while minimizing the discomfort felt when using the mouthpiece.

    The Zyppah mouthpiece, just like the one we’ve reviewed above, can be adjusted using the boil and bite method. Fair warning: there are chances you might experience some gag reflex when first using the mouthpiece, but to be fair, it takes a while to adjust to pretty much every product that falls into this category. But after you’ve been using the Zyppah for a couple of weeks, it starts to feel more natural. We do appreciate how straightforward the manufacturer is about this break-in period.

    A downside might be the fact that the Zyppah cannot be adjusted, but as promised, it fits about 90% of mouths. You will hear about some customers complaining about how the bottom piece can’t be adjusted. People who have a small jaw should steer clear of this device, as they will need a mouthpiece that can be adjusted to better suit their needs.


    • Product endorsed by a lot of celebrities, including Shaquille O’Neal.
    • Available in six different colors.
    • Helps prevent snoring.
    • Has a 90-day money-back guarantee.
    • Designed to prevent the tongue from slipping backward while sleeping.


    • Can take up to two weeks to get used to it.
    • Not suitable for people with small jaws.


    • Dimensions: N/A (one-size-fits-all system)
    • Weight: 7.05 ounces (shipping weight)
    • Storage Case Included: Yes
    ZYPPAH Anti Snoring Hybrid Oral Appliance Mouthpiece
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    Anti Snoring Mouth Guard

    The Robesty Anti Snoring Mouth Guard mouthpiece isn’t that different compared to the other ones we’ve reviewed so far. It’s a decent solution for people looking to solve snoring-related problems. It’s made from medical silicone and doesn’t contain any BPA, which is really important considering the controversial toxicity of BPA products.

    The mouthpiece is adjusted with the same boil and bite method as the other ones, which is one of the safest ways to ensure that the piece is a good fit for your mouth. The mouthpiece is delivered with a protective case, that ensures you can store the product safely, away from germs and bacteria.


    • Easy to adjust with the boil and bite method.
    • Made from medical silicone.
    • BPA free.
    • FDA approved.
    • Extremely affordable.


    • May cause discomfort in the first nights of use.


    • Dimensions: 2.15 inches at the widest point, 0.9 inches in height
    • Weight: 1.6 ounces
    • Storage Case Included: Yes

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    Bottom Line

    Finding the best solution for snoring is a process that can take time, especially since there are people who aren’t initially happy with their mouthpiece and decide to return it. The first thing that you have to keep in mind is that even high-quality anti-snoring devices take some time getting used to, and sometimes this can take even weeks. It’s important to choose a mouthpiece that comes with a free trial period because these provide peace of mind knowing you won’t lose any money in case the piece is not a suitable match.

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