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ZQuiet Review – Does ZQuiet Really Work?

ZQuiet Review – Does ZQuiet Really Work?
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There is nothing quite as frustrating as dealing with a partner or someone in your household that snores. Snoring is incredibly common, chances are you’ve probably snored at some point in your life, but many are completely unaware that they snore nightly until someone points it out to them.

Not only is snoring an issue for the snorer, as it negatively affects sleep quality but can develop into a serious problem for those unable to get their own sleep due to a chainsaw snore.

First: What Really Causes Snoring?

When it comes to why people snore, there are many answers.

Some reasons for this include:

  • Sleeping Position – Sleeping flat on the back is common reason many snore. This is why some recommend simply rolling their partner onto their side if they are snoring.
  • Allergies or Illness – If you have any condition that interferes with breathing through the nose clearly, the apter you are to snore. If combined with congestion medication that leaves you lethargic, anyone can snore under these circumstances.
  • Excessive Weight – Those that are overweight and have extra flesh around the neck are much more likely to snore and sleep apnea.
  • Age and Gender – Men are more likely to snore than women due to naturally smaller air passages. The older you get the more likely you are to snore as well, particularly for men past the age of 40.
  • Underlying Disorders – Other health problems can cause snoring, as well as certain medications. Disorders like alcoholism can also be responsible for snoring.

Finding a solution to stop snoring is important, as solving the problem alleviates stress for everyone involved. Snorers may also find that finding a solution ends up helping them get a better night’s sleep. One of the most common solutions are anti-snore mouthpieces.

Anti-snore mouthpieces tend to be the first choice of tool for snorers, and naturally so as they are minimally invasive and easy to find online or in stores. One such device that has quite a few positive reviews is the ZQuiet. This blue mouthpiece looks incredibly simple but may just be the solution to end your snoring.

So What is ZQuiet?

ZQuiet is still a fairly new device compared to others but quickly grew in popularity as an affordable mouthpiece that actually gets results. ZQuiet was developed by a dentist as a device to help patients get better sleep by stopping snoring. The ZQuiet works equally well for women and men and is even small enough for teens or older children.

The ZQuiet claims that their mouthpiece will end your snoring in one night, and will leave you feeling more energized over time by helping you get better sleep. The company is one of few that offers a trial period of 30 days. You will only need to pay $9.95 for a 30-day trial to see if the ZQuiet works for you.

After this trial is over you can either return the device or pay off the remaining balance and keep it. With snoring being such a common issue, ZQuiet also offers a bonus for ZQuiet customers – buy the first mouthpiece in full and receive a 50% discount on the second. The mouthpiece sells for $79.99.

How Does ZQuiet Work?

The ZQuiet is what is called a jaw retaining device, which means it manipulates the jaw to prevent snoring rather than by displacing the tongue. The snoring sound is caused by the tissue in the throat vibrating when breathing in. The ZQuiet adjusts the jaw, pulling your lower jaw forward, to open the air passage properly.

ZQuiet was originally available in just one fit but they now have their Comfort System, which consists of two different jaw advancement levels. Since there is no fitting needed, this additional device style is helpful for those that find the original ZQuiet didn’t work or wouldn’t work reliably every night. Comfort Level 1 is the original ZQuiet, while the Comfort Level 2 brings the jaw even further forward.

Another interesting design feature of the ZQuiet compared to other devices is that it’s hinged in the back. ZQuiet calls this their Living Hinge Technology. This hinge allows you to maintain a comfortable jaw position while still keep the lower jaw forward. The hinge allows for easier breathing and, for many, helps prevent gagging that can happen as you become accustomed to the device. You can open and close your mouth with this in place or even move it side to side. It is also a one piece design rather than two, which is just easier all around.

The design of the ZQuiet is very simple but also intuitive. It’s very soft and can also be cut down slightly for those that have a smaller mouth. It is an attractive blue color and comes with a handy carrying case. It requires basic cleaning with only warm water and a mild soap, with a soft toothbrush for scrubbing it. The ZQuiet should also last for quite a few months before needing to be replaced. Some have had theirs for a year or more without a replacement.

Does ZQuiet Really Stop Snoring?

Yes, the ZQuiet does effectively stop snoring for a wide range of people. Anti-snore devices seem to be fairly hit-or-miss, but the ZQuiet is one of few that has reliably high ratings across the board. It is pleasant to wear compared to other mouthpieces and it priced very competitively, especially when compared to $100+ mouth devices that don’t seem to work well.

It can be said that jaw displacement devices are more intrusive than tongue displacement, but jaw displacement remains a popular solution as it’s been around for longer and seems to work easier. Jaw displacement also seems to be easy for new users to get used to compared a tongue displacement device. Since this device doesn’t require special fitting you can also ensure that you won’t have an error on your part, which can occur with devices that require molding.

As for downsides, there are some that find that the ZQuiet just doesn’t work or feels uncomfortable, and you won’t know if you fall into this category until you try it. This is the main reason why ZQuiet urges potential buyers to go with their 30-day trial to see for themselves. It’s normal to have some jaw soreness or discomfort until you get used to the fit and feel of this device.

Another potential disadvantage is that there is no special fitting so you don’t get a custom experience. Older youth or smaller adults might find that the lack of custom fitting leaves the mouthpiece too large. This can also be true of those with dental devices like braces in.

Bottom Line: Overall the ZQuiet is an excellent choice for someone that may have tried other devices or styles of mouthpieces in the back and hasn’t been able to alleviate the snoring.

This mouthpiece is very well-designed for a jaw retaining device and remains far more comfortable across a range of people compared to other jaw retaining devices.

It is affordably priced, easy to use, requires no fitting, and even has a 30-day trial.

There really aren’t serious issues or complaints from users so the ZQuiet is definitely a great device to try.

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