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A Review of SnoreRx – Does It Really Work?

A Review of SnoreRx – Does It Really Work?
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Few things are as aggravating and disruptive at night than being awoken from your slumber from a snoring partner. Being rudely awakened from your sleep because you snore is equally unpleasant. It goes without saying that snoring causes problems, not to mention it can drastically lower quality of sleep for those that may not even realize they are snoring.

Whether you find out through a partner’s complaints or determine you’re a snorer through a sleep app on your phone there are plenty of solutions on the market.

Unfortunately, many anti-snore devices rarely fix the issue and leave consumers with useless nasal straps, chin straps, and mouthpieces that didn’t do anything to remedy the issue. Thankfully with careful searching, you can find devices that really do work, and an excellent example of this is SnoreRX.

At first glance it may look like any other mouthpiece but don’t let that fool you. This product consistently performs well and has been the answer to quieter nights for many customers.

What Does SnoreRx Do?


SnoreRX is a anti-snore mouthpiece that claims to stop snoring and help users achieve peaceful sleep. They stress how their product is effective, even for those that have yet to have luck with mouthpiece devices. Based on the huge number of positive reviews for the SnoreRX it’s clear that they aren’t lying about how well their product works.

The high standard to which SnoreRX is held is further proved by its American Academy of Sleep Medicine certification. Having an AASM accreditation is quite an honor and only given to the highest quality sleep device available. Unlike other anti-snore devices the SnoreRX is considered a medical sleep device and aligns with Medicare standards.

The SnoreRX mouthpiece is also FDA approved and is manufactured in the US. Having an FDA approval ensures this mouthpiece, or rather the material used to make it, are safe. Being totally made in the US is often a selling point for consumers that worry about questionable materials being used in other major manufacturing countries like China.

The SnoreRX retails for $99 (+ shipping) (For the latest prices and discounts, check here) for one mouthpiece  , with the ability to upgrade to two mouthpieces for just $154 (+ shipping) (For the latest prices and discounts, check here).

The mouthpiece duo option clearly is more cost-effective, whether you’re buying an extra for a partner, for travel, or just as a replacement. They do a 30 day return policy if you find this device isn’t right
for you.

This device offers excellent adjustability and is made of medical-grade materials to ensure there are no concerns over chemicals, off gassing, or an unpleasant taste. You’ll also find that there are both dentist and sleep expert health authorities recommending the SnoreRX mouthpiece over the competition.

How is SnoreRx Designed?


The SnoreRX device is consider a MAD, which stands for Mandibular Advancement Device. In essence these devices pull the into a more forward position, thereby preventing or helping to prevent the tongue from falling back in your airway. It also helps prevent the jaw from falling down towards the chest.

Either one of these will cause snoring from either the tongue and/or throat tissue disrupting natural (and quiet) air flow while breathing. Typically those that sleep on their backs will find MADs to be effective.

Sadly the one common issue with MADs, and one that SnoreRX is occasionally guilty of, is causing jaw soreness or tenderness. Lower quality MADs can pull the jaw so far forward that, depending on your anatomy, you may find to be painful. This is often the case for more petite adults or those with naturally small jaws.

Thankfully SnoreRX has adjustment built into this mouthpiece which greatly helps alleviate any soreness, at least after a few nights of wear.

There adjustment range for the SnoreRX device is as little as 1mm which is fantastic. For the most part you will be able to adjust this device to make it work for you. Further customization occurs in the fitting process of SnoreRX.

While some cheap MAD products are essentially a “one size fits all” situation SnoreRX allows you to mold the mouthpiece to your own teeth. This is done through the usual boil-and-bite method common with other mouthpieces like whitening trays.


The process of fitting your SnoreRX is super simple. Bring a large mug of water up a to boil in your microwave then place your mouthpiece in the water for 90 seconds. Once the time’s up quickly transfer to a cup of tepid or room temperature water to cool it enough that you won’t burn your mouth, which only takes 3 seconds or so. Insert the SnoreRX into your mouth and bite down to form a mold.

After you’ve determined the mold has set you just place in a cup of ice water to harden. If you miss the window of opportunity to mold or you messed something up you can reheat and try again.

The SnoreRX mouthpiece should last a year or more when cared for properly. This is due to the high-quality and durable copolymer material used in the mouthpiece, which remains safe and effective for far longer than the typical 4-6 month lifespan of a mouthpiece.

An important side note to consider before purchasing SnoreRX is that it is not made for those with dentures or bridges. Some dentists further recommend that those with dental implants also avoid using any type of MAD or similar device if the implant is under a year old.

All in all the SnoreRX device is very well designed and chances of it not performing well are very low. As long as you following proper molding instructions and adjust the device to your jaw you should see results that night.

It is important that you do adjust the mouthpiece enough that you move your jaw, as some poor reviews for this product are from consumer error as the customer didn’t adjust SnoreRX high enough for their anatomy.

Should You Buy SnoreRx?


If you experience snoring and have either yet to find a device that works or are just starting to shop for a device, SnoreRX would be a great choice to consider. It has a much higher overall rating than many other anti-snore devices, which is impressive due to how varied user satisfaction tends to be with these types of mouthpieces.

Despite the few downsides discussed above, overall SnoreRX is a great device that seems to work very well for the average person. Aside from a little drooling and/or jaw soreness the first few nights you can expect this device to end your snoring or mild to moderate sleep apnea.

The price point may seem expensive at first but given how well SnoreRX is designed and how successful it is for a wide range of people, it is actually quite a good value overall.

Even if you haven’t yet tried other brands you should consider trying this one first, as it may save you money and frustration in the long run. If you do have new dental implants, bridges, or dentures you should consult your dentist prior to using any type of mouthpiece device, whether it’s the SnoreRX or otherwise.

It always goes without saying that if you use this device and experience anything more than a little soreness the first few nights you should discontinue use and contact the company. SnoreRX has excellent customer service and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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