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PureSleep Review – Does PureSleep Really Work?

PureSleep Review – Does PureSleep Really Work?
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Easily one of the most annoying sleep-related issues is snoring – whether it’s you that the snorer or it’s a loved one in your home that is keeping you awake. Not only is snoring disruptive to those that are woken by it, but the snorer himself/herself isn’t getting adequate quality of sleep if they are snoring.

Snoring can happen to anyone, but chronic snoring can often be a sign of sleep apnea, especially OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Typically snoring isn’t a symptom of a serious ailment or disease, but it goes without saying that it is a very annoying issue that can cause sleepless nights, either for your partner or for you awaking from your partner when you do snore.

Sadly many people spend hundreds of dollars on anti-snore devices and various snore aides but never find relief. Instead of wasting money on cheap devices, it’s important to carefully research promising anti-snore product prior to purchase.

One product that has interested many after being featured on Good Morning America is the PureSleep Anti Snoring Mouthpiece. This device looks very interesting and has a fairly good track record of positive reviews backing it. Though it seems to check out a legitimate product, that doesn’t necessarily mean it works for everyone.

How is PureSleep Designed?

In essence, PureSleep is a custom-fit mouthpiece that is designed to stop snoring safely, effectively, and comfortably. It was designed by Dr. Douglas Fenton, a San Francisco-based dentist that was actually a snorer himself. Not only was his snoring causing tension between him and his wife, but he also realized that many of his patient that snored also couldn’t seem to find a mouthpiece that really fixed the issue.

Dr. Fenton spent years designing and experimenting with different mouthpieces, finally developing what is now the PureSleep.

The PureSleep mouthpiece is in the MAD category, short for Mandibular Advancement Device. As the term suggests, MAD mouthpieces work by physically moving the jaw forward while sleeping. Most people snore when the soft tissues in the throat fall back and block the airway which results in the snoring sound due to shortened and obstructed breathing.

This is the reason why usually people tend to snore on their back but may cease snoring when rolled onto their side or stomach.  PureSleep holds the jaw forward which keeps the airway open by keeping the throat tissue from falling.

The PureSleep mouthpiece is made of an upper and lower tray (where your teeth will be) and can be combined in 3 different settings. This mouthpiece is also self-molded for customization, meaning you mold the mouthpiece yourself to your own mouth.

Customization is done very easily with the traditional “boil and bite technique” common with similar mouth trays, especially for tooth whitening. Simply connect the mouthpiece and then follow PureSleep’s instructions for how long to submerge in hot water. It takes less than a minute to be ready to use your mouthpiece.

Pros and Cons of PureSleep

Considering the overall design of PureSleep as well as the numerous reviews and customer feedback for it, this product can be summed up in a few different pros and cons.

Many people love PureSleep since it:

  • Offers Custom Fit with Multiple Settings – Not all anti-snore mouthpieces offer custom fit. In fact, most are a one size fits all situation, except for the fact that rarely does one size always fit all. PureSleep eliminates this concern by allowing you to mold the device yourself. The different lower jaw settings also mean you can set the right amount of advancement for your own needs.
  • Is Very Reasonably Priced – PureSleep costs only $59.90 for two mouthpieces. This company has an automatic 30-day trial, so for $9.95 upfront, you will receive your mouthpieces to wear. If they don’t work you can return them before the 30 days is up. If you’re happy with them the $59.90 will be charged to your card on day 30. An overall price of under $70 is extremely reasonable compared to how other devices typically start at $100+ for just one.
  • Has FDA Approval – Though not specifically FDA recommended, this device is cleared by the FDA for being safe for adults to use.
  • Is Free of BPAs and Latex – Those with latex allergies can safely use PureSleep. You also won’t need to worry about dangerous BPA or other chemicals that are common in cheaply made anti-snore devices. With something that will be in contact with my mouth for 8 or so hours every night, this is incredibly important.
  • Will be Fairly Long-Lasting for Non-Grinders – Though exact longevity does depend on the person, for the most part, you can expect the Puresleep device to work for 6 to 9 months before you need to replace it. Since you get two mouthpieces you’re really set for about a year or more.

Unfortunately, PureSleep:

  • Can’t be Remolded – Though the custom molding thing is a great feature it does mean that if you mess up the process you aren’t going to be able to fix it. This is very important to consider when selecting your choice of the 3 lower jaw settings as you must set this prior to molding.
  • Requires More Cleaning Due to Design – Unlike the more simple mouthpieces that only require a quick rinse or lightly brushing with a toothbrush, the cleaning process of the PureSleep is a little more in-depth. There are more crevices due to the settings feature so you must be sure to carefully clean all this little parts.
  • May Cause Drooling or Jaw Soreness – Though not specifically a fault of the PureSleep, this device is a MAD which means it can cause drooling or jaw soreness the first couple nights. Most any MAD devices can cause this. While this should stop after a couple days or a week if it continues you should stop using this device and consult a specialist.
  • Can’t be Used by Those with Dentures or Some Dental Issues – Another downside with these anti-snore devices is that they can’t be used by those with dentures. Dental issues like loose teeth or recent tooth implants also mean you shouldn’t use the PureSleep.

Though it has some problems, the average adult will very likely find sleep relief with PureSleep.

Should You Buy PureSleep?

The PureSleep device is a great all-around choice, whether it’s the first mouthpiece you’ve tried or a last resort after trying many. The only case in which this wouldn’t be a good choice is if you have any dental issues, as mentioned above.

You may also want to skip on the PureSleep if you’ve had bad jaw soreness from MADs in the past or if your dentist recommends you do not use them for whatever reason.

The 30-day trial is perfect for testing the waters before being committed to buying the product. Most brands require upfront payment in full and then a lengthy, complicated return process if you don’t like their device. PureSleep is about as simple as you can get and only requires you to pay a small upfront shipping fee.

If you’ve been struggling with snoring and haven’t yet found relief, PureSleep could be the answer. If you’ve just discovered anti-snore devices and are hesitant to purchase one, this option is as buyer-safe as you can get. Not to mention the lower price is extremely budget-friendly.

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