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Snore Solution vs. Zquiet: Which Anti-Snore Device is Better?

Snore Solution vs. Zquiet: Which Anti-Snore Device is Better?
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Snoring is more than just an annoying nighttime habit. Not only can snoring keep up your partner and housemates, but it can also have negative effects on your health. Even if you seem asleep while snoring, your body actually wakes from a deep sleep. Essentially when you are snoring your body is awake even if your mind isn’t. Being stuck in light sleep and being aroused from deep sleep regularly naturally has negative consequences.

It’s no coincidence that habitual snorers often feel tired in the morning or find that 8hrs of sleep isn’t enough to get them through the day without feeling lethargic or exhausted. Not addressing the issue of snoring can lead to chronic exhaustion, impact your health for the worse and make everyday tasks difficult.

A common cause of nightly snoring is obstructive sleep apnea, but not all who snore have this condition. What causes snoring is the tissues in the throat and nose vibrating because air is unable to move through freely. It comes as no surprise that those who are overweight or carry a lot of weight around the neck are more likely to suffer from snoring. Sleep apnea is common in snorers with obesity but can occur in otherwise healthy individuals as well. Therefore it is recommended that you consult your doctor about your snoring as a first step.

If you’ve been given the all-clear that your snoring isn’t a serious medical concern, you can look into various tools to help stop the problem and get a better night’s sleep. You can find nasal strips, anti-snore pillows, and a whole plethora of anti-snore devices all making the same promises. Unfortunately, not all anti-snore devices work for everyone, but mouthpieces tend to have the most success.

Two popular anti-snore mouthpiece devices would be the Good Morning Snore Solution and Zquiet. These both have a positive track record of preventing snoring, and while they seem very similar there are a few key differences to keep in mind.

How Good Morning Snore Solution Works

The Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) is the result of a doctor and dentist working together to find a solution for their patients. At first glance, you can tell that this unique blue mouthpiece looks quite different from traditional designs.

Most anti-snore mouthpiece devices work via jaw displacement, whereas the GMSS instead focuses on tongue displacement. Focusing on tongue displacement is believed to be easier and more comfortable. Tests done on GMSS have found that patients prefer the feel of it over conventional mouthpieces, mouth guards, and chinstraps. It also had a much higher success rate than anti-snore pillows. Not only does the GMSS help with regular snoring but also helps patients with various types of mild to moderate sleep apnea.

The way this device displaces the tongue is via suction. At first, this might seem uncomfortable or intrusive but many feel it’s quite the opposite. The mouthpiece gently suctions to the tongue and holds it in a comfortable forward position. This prevents the tongue from lolling back into the mouth and blocking the airway.

When compared to jaw displacement mouthpieces, the GMSS has the advantage of not causing a sore jaw. Sore jaw muscles or even bite misalignment (from nightly, long-term use) are two common complaints of jaw displacement devices. The GMSS eliminates the possibility of this occurring, but it does have the potential for its own side-effects such as a sore tongue and drooling.

GMSS offers a 90 guarantee on this product – if you try it, use it as directed, and are unhappy with the results, they will gladly accept the device back for a full refund. Full retail price of this device is $99.94, and you can purchase this from their home page.

How Zquiet Works

Similar to the GMMS device, Zquiet was invented by a dentist after you found so many of his patients struggling to find an anti-snore solution that actually worked as it was intended to. This is a classic jaw displacement mouthpiece, also known as a MAD or mandibular advancement device.

While the marketing of GMSS makes it seem like all MAD-style devices are inferior, it simply isn’t true. There is a reason MAD devices are more popular. For some people, these devices are the only one that truly stops snoring because it physically moves the lower jaw so airflow isn’t restricted in the back of the throat. While this device may not be quite as comfortable as a tongue displacement mouthpiece, sometimes it’s all that will work for some patients. Jaw soreness is a real side-effect but so is tongue soreness for the GMSS. Bite misalignment is more of a concern for cheap mouthpieces, and with the Zquiet having been designed by a dentist, someone who well aware of preventing this problem, the chances of it happening are slim. It is still recommended that users visit their dentist twice a year as normal, especially if the device is worn every night.

The Zquiet looks like a mouthguard and comes in two Comforts – Comfort 1 is often all that’s needed to stop snoring but moving up to Comfort 2 is available for stubborn snorers with more tissue obstruction in the throat. This device is FDA approved as a Class ll medical device so you can rest assured that it is completely safe and effective.

Zquiet has a 30-day money guarantee, with the ability to only pay $9.95 for this 30-day trial. If you’re someone that keeps struggling to find a device that works and is reluctant to spend more money, this option is really attractive. Full retail price of the Zquiet is $79.95. If you pay the full $79.95 price upfront you get an automatic 50% off a second device. If both you and your partner snore, this is a very enticing deal.

Which Should You Choose?

It is difficult to say whether the GMSS or the Zquiet is best since both have proven to be effective. Since both brands have a trust money-back guarantee, you may even want to try out both yourself and simply return whichever one doesn’t work as well for you.

When it comes to price and ease of use, the Zquiet wins. Caring for the mouthpiece is very easy – simply clean with gentle soap and a toothbrush every morning. It is long-lasting and doesn’t take as much getting used to as the GMSS. This is especially true if you’re already used to mouthpiece-style devices. The price of the Zquiet is more attractive for those who are on a budget or are irregular snorers that don’t want to spend $100 on something they may only use a few times a week.

The GMSS is different in that it focuses on tongue displacement, but the fact that it does feel more comfortable to most and prevents the chances of a sore jaw can’t be ignored. Those with already present jaw alignment issues or jaw pain should look to this device for help over the Zquiet. Those who just find that jaw displacement mouthpieces aren’t for them should try out this option as well. It’ll take a few nights or maybe a week to get used to, but the majority of customers find that it’s worth the effort.

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