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Ghostbed Review and Guide: Is Ghostbed Worth it?

Ghostbed Review and Guide: Is Ghostbed Worth it?
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Although the Ghostbed mattress is a new addition to the extensive lineup of mattresses, the company that designed and manufactured the mattress has earned the reputation for creating innovative mattress designs that keep customers coming back for more.

Nature’s Sleep has operated for more than 10 years and if the Ghostbed is any indication, the company should be around for a long time.  

There aren’t any invisible features that accompany the Ghostbed, as Nature’s Sleep strived to produce a balanced feel from the blend of latex and memory foam. 

Mattress Buying Factors 

Outside of home and automobile, no other consumer product requires more in-depth research than the research required to find the best mattress. You first have to write down your preferences for a number of features and then perform research until you find the company that manufactures your dream. Of course, don’t forget to give the mattress under consideration a test run. 

Body Support 

The most important feature you have to consider involves body support. From a firmness rating to evaluating how a mattress transfers motion, body support determines your comfort level and hence, how well you sleep at night. You should test different areas on a mattress, such as along the edge and in the middle, to measure sinkage. 


Mattress covers often get overlooked by consumers during the mattress buying process. You want a cover that maintains mattress cleanliness. Although covers aren’t designed to self-clean beverage spills, your new mattress cover should be able to absorb the sweat that builds up overnight on your body.

Quality covers prevent allergens like dust mites and dog dander from disturbing otherwise peaceful sleep. 

The Price is Right 

In most cases, the higher the price, the higher the quality of the mattress. You don’t want to skimp on buying a mattress. This means you should cross off used mattresses from your shopping list. Sometimes, price plays a significant role in determining which mattress to purchase, especially if the mattress is for a spare bedroom.

Search for manufacturers who offer discounts and a home furniture retailer that offers monthly payment plans. 

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More about Allergens 

When chemicals begin to leak from a foam mattress, you can experience allergic reactions that range from sneezing to contracting hives. You want to do business with a foam mattress manufacturer that has a record of designing leech-free foam mattresses. Allergens that accumulate along the edge of a foam mattress can prompt sneezing fits.

The more space between the mattress and the baseboard, the more likely allergens will call your bed home. 


A manufacturer warranty should clearly define the features and length of time the warranty covers the features. Mattress warranties typically run between 5 and 20 years for features such as sinkage and cover quality. The best mattress manufacturers offer comprehensive warranties that cover every feature for more than 10 years. 

Overview of Ghostbed 

We have different sleeping preferences. Therefore, the features list for the Ghostbed might not be for everyone. However, we believe the Ghostbed meets the sleeping needs of the vast majority of consumers. What makes the mattress special? 

Let’s find out. 

Ghostbed Layers 

The Ghostbed breaks the foam mattress design mold. With the addition of one half of an inch to the comfort foam layer, Nature’s Sleep creates the first layer measuring 3-1/2 inches. Extra comfort foam enhances the deep compression support for sleepers of all shapes and sizes. The top layer includes 1-1/2 inches of aerated latex foam, which cools the body during the night.

By combining latex and memory foam, Nature’s Sleep has developed a top layer that relieves multiple pressure points. Two inches of gel memory foam runs throughout the middle layer to increase body support. Less responsive to body movements, the middle layer receives a gel infusion that prevents body heat retention.

The foundation layer measures an incredible 7-1/2 inches to support the top two layers. 

Ghostbed Cover 

One-hundred percent polyester helps the Ghostbed cover resist the types of rips and tears that relegate other styles of mattress covers to the rag pile. The plush and stretchable fabric immediately returns to its proper shape after a hard tug. Snugly fitted around the mattress, the cover also does a great job of absorbing perspiration.

The side panels consist of about half and half polyester and rugged polypropylene. With a super soft feel and a cooling effect on the body, the cover works in tandem with the foam layers to ensure a pleasant night’s sleep. 

Comfort and Support 

At 6.5 out of 10 on the mattress firmness meter, the Ghostbed mattress represents a slightly firmer than average mattress that takes care of the sleeping needs of most consumers. The Ghostbed mattress initially feels much firmer than average, but after a couple of nights of sleep, the mattress softens enough to create some hugging around the body.

Blended latex and memory foam ensure both comfort and support for you to enjoy years of restful night’s sawing wood. Responsive latex provides the first line of defense that ensures the release of body heat, instead of you experiencing discomfort during the middle of the night.

Memory foam creates the ideal body contouring feature that reduces sleep restlessness. 

Eleven inches of three-layer foam thickness allows you to sleep in any position your body craves. You should never experience any pressure points and the spine should remain aligned properly in any sleeping position. The above-average thickness of the three latex and memory foam layers especially appeals to deep sleepers who tend to sink into less firm mattresses.

Overall, the Ghostbed mattress ranks near the top of the mattress list for offering comfort and support. 

Ghostbed Sinkage Results 

The Ghostbed mattress performs well in every type of sinkage test. For a 140-pound tester, the mattress sank about 1-1/2 inches in lying on the back position and with weight evenly distributed across the surface of the mattress. Lying on the side created nearly two inches of sinkage.

Depending on the pressure applied to the mattress, sitting sinkage varied between two and three and a half inches. When the 140-pound tester stood in the middle of the Ghostbed mattress, the mattress sank nearly five inches. 

Sinkage results for the Ghostbed mattress fare well against other types of foam mattresses. This is due to the thicker-than-average foundation layer, as well as the unique blend of latex and memory foam in the top layer. 

Ghostbed Price & Pricing Tiers

Pricing for Ghostbed mattresses run higher than average for foam-style mattresses. Buying a twin Ghostbed mattress sets you back $495 (Check for latest price) while upsizing to an extra-large twin costs $650 (Check for latest price). A full-size Ghostbed mattress is priced at nearly $800 (Check for latest price), while a queen-size mattress costs a little more than $800 (Check for latest price).

At the high end of the price range, a king-size Ghostbed mattress sets you back $975 (Check for latest price). 

Nature’s Sleep offers 0% financing for 12 months to help defray the cost of buying the Ghostbed mattress. The mattress ships free and within 24 hours of you placing an order. Nature’s Sleep offers a 20-year warranty, which is one of the most generous warranties offered by mattress manufacturers.

Test the mattress for 101 nights and if you are not satisfied with the product, you can send the mattress back at no cost to you. 

Ghostbed Mattress Cooling Gel Memory Foam
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 11:15 am GMT

Ghostbed Mattress Review: Is the Ghostbed Worth it?

If you prefer sleeping on a slightly firmer than average mattress, then the Ghostbed mattress is the perfect choice for you to enjoy countless restful nights in bed. The mattress initially feels like a seven on the firmness scale, but after lying on it for a while, you should experience less stiffness and much more body contouring.

In fact, the top layer responds with classic memory foam contouring that creates optimal comfort for sleepers of most shapes and sizes. The contoured hugging of the top layer never exceeds the normal limits of mattress contouring. 

The solid support provided by the original Ghostbed mattress never wavers, which is why Nature’s Sleep offers a 20-year warranty for consumers who purchase the highly durable mattress. You can sleep near the edge of your bed and never feel that the mattress does not hold your body in place.

The stable and balanced support ensures proper spine alignment to prevent the types of back pain caused by inferior designed mattresses. 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of owning a Ghostbed mattress comes down to how the mattress handles body heat. Even during the coldest nights of the year, our bodies release heat that most mattresses do not dispense into the air. The Ghostbed mattress includes a top layer of latex foam that produces optimal breathability to keep you cool on the warmest nights of the year.

Nature’s Sleep designed Ghostbed mattresses to include the first 3-1/2 inches of foam that possess high-performance cooling properties. Instead of waking up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat, you restfully sleep in cool comfort. 

The bottom line is that although the Ghostbed original mattress is pricey, the price is well worth it. Blended latex and memory foam create a hard-to-beat combination that ensures enduring comfort. 

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