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Brooklinen Bedding Review: Is Brooklinen Worth it?

Brooklinen Bedding Review: Is Brooklinen Worth it?

When I told my friends how much I had spent on my new mattress, they called me crazy.

when you’ve done my kind of research on the importance of sleep, no amount of money seems too much considering how important it is to get your full eight hours of interrupted nap time. Bedding items will highly contribute to the comfort of your sleep, so it’s not just the mattress you have to pay attention to.

The entire purpose is to get your body to relax as soon as you get in bed while allowing the sheets to caress your skin and keep your body in optimal temperature intervals. With bedding items, there are a lot of myths circulating around.

Less is more. The higher thread count, the better.

Percale is the best weave in the world. Good bed sheets can cost thousands of dollars. And the list goes on. The Brooklinen line of bedding items debunks all these myths, showing us that comfort is not all that expensive.

Company Overview

I’ve always believed that creating a culture around your brand typically means added product value. We’re especially fond of products with touching stories or products born out of a real problem that the founders faced themselves and created a solution to be shared with the world.

The founders of Brooklinen, Rich and Vicki, characterize themselves as simple people who were looking to solve a common problem: finding quality bed sheets that don’t cost a fortune.

That’s how the brand was born. In the attempt to stay true to their values and the core mission of the company, the founders have sought to create simple, but comfortable and elegant bedding accessories, while eliminating the need for a middleman.

In doing so, Brooklinen is cutting down the costs with manufacturing and selling their items, while allowing the consumer to benefit from this transaction.

This is reflected in the good prices of their products who are carefully designed and creating bearing the comfort of the sleeper in mind. From classic Percale to luxury sateen sheets, from comforters to blankets and pillows, Brooklinen has designed products that provide comfort from start to finish.

They are extremely transparent with the source of the materials used and how each of their products is manufactured. A brand that’s this transparent inspires confidence, and that’s why we wanted to test and see if the hype that surrounds this company is really worth it.



There are a couple of traits that make the Brooklinen sheets some of the best ones you’ll ever get the chance to sleep on. The fibers are the first to stand out.

Since the brand uses only long-staple cotton fibers, there is fewer end exposed, which translated into a more durable product. Because of this feature, Brooklinen uses finer yarns in manufacturing their bed sheets, leading to more supple and smooth weaves.

Their sheets also feature single ply yarn, which means that the threads are stronger compared to lower-quality sheets. This type of yarn can only be made from long-staple cotton, and the results is a light and soft sheet. There’s always a lot of hype revolving around the thread count of bed sheets.

It’s typically believed that a higher thread count results in a sheet of superior quality, but there are way more factors that make a sheet better and more durable. With the Brooklinen sheets, you get a thread count of 300, divided into 150 vertical and 150 horizontal threads.

Even though they use two weaves made entirely out of cotton, Brooklinen clearly delimited one type of weave from the other. Percale sheets are characterized by a weave that has a one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under type of thread. The result is a set of sheets with a matte finish and a crisp feel.

Such sheets are particularly soft and cool, but they also feel smoother with every wash. The resulting fabric is both breathable and lightweight. The Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle is an example of a Percale type of sheet. It’s available in every size from Twin to Cal King, and in different colors and patterns, to satisfy even the most pretentious bedroom decors.

The set contains the Core sheet set, as well as two additional pillowcases plus a duvet cover. If you’re not interested in the duvet cover or the additional pillowcases, you can purchase the Core set alone, which contains a flat sheet, a fitted one, plus two pillowcases. Both of these sets are characterized by a thread count of 270.

The other type of weave used to make Brooklinen sheets is sateen, characterized by the one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over weave. Sateen sheets are typically heavier compared to Percale ones, but they are also softer and silkier to the touch.  Brooklinen sells sateen bedding through its Luxe collection.

The Luxe Starter Sheet Set is the most basic package, which contained a fitted sheet and two pillowcases. An upgrade from that is the Luxe Core Sheet Set, which sports an additional flat sheet. Whatever products or set you to choose that belongs to the Luxe line, you will enjoy the same quality given by the long-staple cotton, with a thread count of 480.


Who doesn’t enjoy a fluffy and warm comforter? When you’re out in the cold and you’re tired after a long day, it’s the only thing you can think of.

But what sets the Brooklinen comforters apart from the pack? Instead of using down feathers, the brand adds down clusters to its comforters. It’s basically that poofy layer that insulates the body of an adult bird, which lies below the feathers. The absence of the feather’s spine makes them more comfortable, but also a more durable filling.

Then, there’s the loft. The loft of a comforter, which also referred to as “fill power” is basically the amount of fluff that’s used inside the product.

When a comforter has a higher fill power, it has better insulating properties. In general, comforter starts with a down filling of about 400, while the Brooklinen ones have about 600-700. That makes the products warmer and fluffier, much to our delight.

Because they are engineered to create the perfect balance between warmth, fluff and comfort, each of the two different comforters sold by Brooklinen bedding has just the right weight, so you can freely move around underneath all that coziness.

Last, but not least, the comfort of a… comforter is determined by its encasing. Since we’re dealing with premium bedding accessories, it’s natural to have a high-quality shell covering the comforter all-around. The encasing of these comforters is made from a satin sheet that has a thread count of 400, feeling really soft to the touch and almost caressing the skin.

Brooklinen uses a baffle box type of construction, which means that the end product is fluffier, but also manages to evenly distribute the filling. That’s because the walls that surround each “box” run from the top to the bottom of the comforter, keeping things a-fluffy`.

If you choose the all-season down comforter, you will benefit for a 700 fill power, which makes the product extremely warm and comfortable to sleep under, as it doesn’t have nearly all that weight of a comfortable filled with feathers. Alternatively, you can opt for an even lighter version, with a fill power of 600. Both of these products are covered in sateen cotton, with a thread count of 400.

If down is not something you’re interested in, but still want a Brooklinen comforter because let’s face it, they’re awesome, you can purchase the Down Alternative Comforter. This particular product is made with shaved microfibers, in order to recreate the down-like feeling. The comforter is both hypoallergenic, as well as vegan and acts as a real down substitute.


Throughout the year, we heard a lot of bad pillow-related advice. The most common one teaches people not to use a pillow at all. That should never be a random decision, as a pillow can often keep your head aligned, to prevent neck pain and maintain a correct sleeping posture, in order to avoid waking up feeling sore.

The Brooklinen pillows have the best comfort of the user in mind and thus created an exceptional line of comforting pillows for you to rest upon. The pillows use the same down cluster filling as the comforter, resulting in a filling that can trap more aid and create a fluffier product.

Here’s where things get more interesting. The brand constructed their pillows using two different technologies: single and dual core. The latter category has an inner feather core which is means to enhance the firmness and support given by the pillow.

It also has an outer core, which is made from a down cluster and provides a softer landing experience. The results are shown in the three different types of pillows: as follows:

  • The plush pillow is made with down clusters and doesn’t contain any feathers.
  • The mid-plush version of the Brooklinen pillow has a dual-core system, with 20% down clusters and 80% feathers.
  • The firmest version of their pillow is made 86% out of feathers, while only 14% of the filling is clustering.

There is a different type of casing for the single and the dual-core pillows. The plush version, which is also the single core one, is covered in a sateen shell that’s cool and soft to the touch.


It’s great for people who love the silky feel of a pillow. The dual-core models, which are the mid-plush and the firm, are encased in a down-proof twill weave, which is thick enough to prevent your skin from being poked by the feathers.


The blankets sold by Brooklinen are divided into four main categories: quilts and shams, throw blankets, Pendleton Heritage and Pendleton Throws. Because going through all of them might bore you to death, we’ve picked some fine examples of how Brooklinen has you covered if you’re out shopping for high-quality blankets for your bedroom.

Let’s take the Baby alpaca throw blanket, for instance. It’s made out of 100% pure wool and comes in a standard size of 59 x 83 inches. This blanket combines four different kinds of wool resulting in a superior blanket. Pure virgin wool is added for the softness, lambswool gives the blanket its durability, cashmere blend is here for coziness while baby alpaca wool is the mother of all comfort.

The Pendleton Heritage Blanket has three different pleasant patterns to choose from, and it definitely looks like something you’d throw on your shoulders while enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa out on the porch. The blanket measures 64 x 80 inches and is made with a combination of 18% cotton and 82% virgin wool.

Also available in three different color combinations, the Pendleton Throw Blanket is a beautiful decor piece, as well as a cozy and warm solution for chilly days (and nights). Measuring 54 x 60 inches, the blanket is eco-friendly and sports the perfect size for the bed, couch, sofa, armchair, recliner or outdoor use.

Customer Reviews

We have always been strong believers in the power of word-of-mouth marketing. The experience of other people just like us speaks more than product descriptions ever wood.

While we do appreciate the experience and value of each customer review, it’s important to consider the subjective factor behind each review. That being said, we wanted to see what other customers of the Brooklinen products have to say in terms of product-related experience.

Classic Core Sheet Set

Brooklinen seems to have found the perfect balance between a good pair of sheets and excellent customer service. The Classic Core Sheet Set is described as being heavenly, soft, with a satisfying sound as you climb over and under them. Shipping is extremely fast, with customers ordering their second set as soon as they got the chance to test these sheets for the first time.

Down Comforter

The all-seasons down comforter has definitely capable of eliminating the needs for any extra blankets in areas where nocturnal winter temperatures would drop below zero.

Customers have reported that the Brooklinen comfortable are lightweight and cozy, providing just the right amount of heat retention as to avoid any discomfort caused by a temperature that’s either too high or too low for you.

Mid-Plush Down Pillow

While a lot of people praise the comfort delivered by the Brooklinen pillows, there seem to be some complaints related to a chemical-like odor that’s quite poignant. The plasticky smell is especially noticeable when you have your face buried deep in the pillow.

Lightweight Quilt

While the quilt manages to create a great balance between lightweight and comfort, there is some question on the durability of the product. Some customers have reported that the thread comes undone, while others said their quilt began to feel lumpy after a couple of washes.

Bottom Line

There were a lot of pleasant surprises we discovered the more we interacted with the Brooklinen bedding items and accessories.

The manufacturer balances comfort and durability with a really good price. It’s often believed that a high-quality set of bed sheets will end up costing hundreds of dollars, but things are way more affordable once you start to look into the Brooklinen bedding items.

Once again, we’d like to give kudos to the transparency of the manufacturer and the patience they have in making customers understand just how and why every single thread of cotton is placed where it’s placed.

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