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Saatva vs Loom and Leaf: Which Mattress is Best?

Saatva vs Loom and Leaf: Which Mattress is Best?
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When you think of heavyweight fights, you probably think of Ali vs. Frazier. In the mattress category, the Ali and Frazier are two heavyweight mattresses called Saatva and Loom and Leaf.

Both mattresses are considered premium quality mattresses by plenty of bedding experts. Because of the acclaim given to the two heavyweight mattresses, both brands can charge a little more than the competition.

Is it worth forking over four digit cash for either of the mattresses and if so, which one represents the better of the two premium foam mattress options?

Mattress Buying Factors

Mattress shopping takes time and patience. After all, you want to buy a mattress that gives you night after night of peaceful sleep for years to come. What do you need to look for when shopping for the right mattress? We believe there are five factors to consider, with one factor trumping all.

Body Support

By far the most important factor in determining the best mattress for you, body support relies on a firmness scale that runs from 1 to 10. With 1 the softest rating and 10 the firmest rating, you have plenty of options in choosing the body support that matches your sleeping style.

Some sleepers prefer a softer sleeping surface, while other sleepers want to spread out on a firmer mattress. Most mattress manufacturers produce mattresses that fall within the 4 to 7 firmness level range.


Underrated as a mattress feature, the cover goes a long way in determining your sleeping comfort level. Covers that bunch up when you move your body at night cause enough discomfort to wake you from a deep slumber. The best mattress covers absorb body heat to complement the cooling attributes of a memory foam mattress. High quality covers also repel allergens.

The Price is Right

As we mentioned, both the Saatva Classic and Loom and Leaf mattress sit on the pricey end of the cost range. However, price should only a major consideration if you are searching for a mattress to put in a spare bedroom.

High quality mattresses that cost a little more than average save you money by helping you maintain a healthy neck, back, and shoulders. A few visits to the doctor to treat back pain costs a lot more than investing extra cash into a premium mattress with pressure relief foam mattress qualities.

More about Allergens

Most bedding experts agree that foam mattresses offer the most comfort. However, some versions of foam mattresses contain chemicals that sometimes leech chemicals, which causes allergic reactions that include sneezing and hives. Allergens find open spaces to spread misery, so make sure any mattress you buy lies flat against the bed board.


You want to purchase a mattress that comes with at least a 10-year warranty. High-quality mattresses include longer warranty periods.



Over the past few years, luxury firm mattress manufacturers have broken the mold on design and features. As one of the leading mattress manufacturers, Saatva has designed a super-premium mattress that includes foam-wrapped pocketed coils. The cutting edge design has prompted competitors to try the same approach to mattress design.


The soft and highly breathable top layer (comfort layer) contains 100% organic cotton that covers a European-style pillow top. Perspiration that builds on the body overnight quickly evaporates because of moisture wicking technology. The lumbar support middle layer sits between the cover and the comfortable first layer to ensure little of any body heat retention.

The four-inch third layer is where sleepers discover the wonder of foam-wrapped coils. The unique technology creates perfect contouring around the body to stabilize the neck and back, which helps restless sleepers cut down on back pain.

Seven inches of high profile steel coils form the final layer, which provides unyielding support. The hour glass shaped steel coils steady the other three layers to create a restful night’s sleep.



One-hundred percent organic cotton also represents the fabric for the smooth cover. The cover enhances the mattress’s breathability to produce dry and cool sleeping conditions. It closely resembles the cover Saatva has designed for the company’s sister brand luxury mattress, the Loom & Leaf.

The European design presents clear, bright aesthetic appeal to give homeowners an effective way to improve the appearance of a bedroom..

Comfort and Support for Different Sleeper Styles

Saatva bucks the trend of mattress manufacturers offering only one option for comfort and support. The company operates under the principle of giving customers choices when it comes to firmness levels. Saatva’s plush soft mattress ranks 3.5 on the firmness scale, while the middle of the road mattress rates a 6.5.

If very firm is your sleeping preference (sleeping style), you should enjoy the firmest option that carries an 8 firmness rating. The plush soft mattress hugs sleepers in what the company refers to as a “supportive embrace.”

If you prefer to sleep on your side, then this version of the Saatva mattress is for you. The middle of the road mattress appeals to consumers who like a balance of softness and firmness. About three-quarters of all sleepers prefer mattresses that rank between 4 and 7 on the firmness scale.

This version of the Saatva mattress appeals to consumers who sleep in multiple positions throughout the night. Primarily Back and stomach sleeper styles should enjoy the firmest Saatva mattress, especially for a back sleeper who want to mitigate light to moderate back pain with some pressure relief (otherwise not ideal for a side sleeper).


Saatva prices its line of mattresses based on size, with the least expensive twin costing $599. The queen size mattress sets you back nearly $1,000 and the California King runs $1,399. Customers save money by not having to pay sales tax on Saatva mattresses.

However, shipping costs $99 and it takes between one and two weeks to receive your Saatva mattress order. The 15-year warranty is above average for the industry and the 120-day trial period offers you more than enough time to see if one of the Saatva mattresses is for you.

Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf represents the luxury brand mattress designed and manufactured by Saatva. The high-end mattress contains high-density memory foam mattress that sets the standard for mattress comfort and support.

Memory Foam Layers

As with Saatva brand name mattresses, Loom & Leaf mattress contains four different layers that add up to 12 inches of foam layer support. The two-inch top layer includes gel-infused memory foam that spreads coolness over the body.

Any heat you generate during the night quickly dissipates because of the cooling spinal gel panel (for spinal alignment). The laminated cooling gel panel produces an incredible amount of soothing coolness.

Convoluted in design, the top layer possesses air channels that slice right into the foam. 2-12 inches of visco-elastic memory foam mattress forms the second layer, which contours the body and starts the support for the first memory foam bed layer. The transitional support third layer (polyfoam) measures two inches and the foundation support layer spans 5-1/2 inches.

Cover Sleep Surface

Quilted organic cotton cover complements the comfortably cool first layer. The smooth, textured feel is like a fabric lullaby that sends you into deep sleep. As an all-natural flame resistant cover, you ensure the safety of you and anyone else you make the mattress the top portion of a bed.

Loom & Leaf has added 5/8-inch of foam within the cover to create a slight padding effect. The quilting pattern used to design the cover since 2016 has produced a tighter and more compact feel towards the middle of the cover.

Comfort and Support

Loom and Leaf

Loom & Leaf offers two firmness options, with the standard mattress registering 5.5 on the firmness scale. For sleepers who want a firm sleeping surface, the Loom & Leaf firm memory foam mattress carries an 8 firmness rating. Sleepers who either want to prevent back pain or need to mitigate light to moderate back pain should enjoy sleeping on the firmer version of the Loom & Leaf mattress (provides pressure relief).

Most foam mattresses contain between three and four inches of specialty foam. Loom & Leaf exceeds the industry norm by offering 6-1/2 of specialty gel and foam. This amount of supportive foam is a precedent set by Loom & Leaf. The first impression of the mattress is a soft landing, with the top layer quickly rebounding to contour the body.

Motion transfer is little or none (optimal motion isolation), depending on how much pressure you place on the mattress when you decide to get up in the middle of the night. The Loom & Leaf mattress provides incomparable support and the mattress sleeps well in every sleeping position.

Saatva Prices

Add $100 to every size mattress Saatva offers and you have the price points for the luxury line of Loom & Leaf mattresses. For the high-end materials used to manufacture Loom & Leaf mattresses, the $1499 price tag for the California King is a great bargain. The warranty runs 15 years, the mattress ships between seven and 15 days, and trial period runs 120 days.

The Bottom Line: Saatva or Loom and Leaf Mattress?

As with Ali and Frazier, Saatva vs Loom & Leaf is knockdown, drag out fight that ends with both competitors shining as champions. Saatva mattresses save you $100 for each size.

However, spending the additional $100 on the best mattress we have ever tested makes buying one of the Loom & Leaf mattress a no brainer.

Either way, it’s time to get rid of that old mattress.

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