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How to Find the Best Latex Mattress: Plus Our Top 3 Picks [Buyer Guide]

How to Find the Best Latex Mattress: Plus Our Top 3 Picks [Buyer Guide]
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We can debate the merits of memory foam versus latex foam mattresses until we fall asleep. The purpose of this review article is to educate consumers about latex mattresses, with the ultimate goal to provide a detailed analysis of the top three best latex mattresses on the market.

First Up: What is Latex?

Latex naturally derives from rubber. Although latex has several applications that include medical uses, for mattresses, latex appeals to consumers because of the material’s capability to contour. Latex suppliers extract a milky liquid from rubber trees and then treat the liquid to form a harder, yet pliable surface. Mattress manufacturers create three types of latex foam, with one type widely popular among consumers.

Types of Latex Foam

You have three types of latex foam to consider:

  • Natural
  • Blended
  • Synthetic

Natural latex comprises the highest grade of latex foam, but consumers have a difficult time finding natural latex foam mattresses because of the high price of production. Many big box furniture retailers typically only create one to two inches of natural latex on the top of a mattress and claim the mattress in 100% “natural.” The rest of so-called “natural” latex foam mattresses consist primarily of synthetic materials. Pay attention to a latex foam mattress label to learn exactly how much of a foam mattress includes natural latex. The more synthetic materials used, the lower price you can expect to pay.

Advantages of Buying a Latex Mattress

Let’s start with the most important advantage: comfort. Studies demonstrate that nearly 40% of consumers that own latex foam mattresses report significant pain reduction. Latex foam mattresses relieve sensitive pressure points, especially around the vulnerable lower back area. Resilient latex places pressure on the hips and shoulders to increase support. The highly contouring material also ensures proper body alignment to prevent pain.

Eliminates Smells

Natural latex contains little or no chemicals that emit distinct smells. With no chemicals to break down and release odors, you enjoy a more restful night’s sleep. At worst, natural latex foam mattresses releases faint scents that most consumers cannot detect. Even mostly synthetic latex foam mattresses produce weaker scents than the scents produced by memory foam mattresses.

To Your Health

Natural and blended latex foam mattresses contain only trace amounts of adhesives and petroleum that over time degrade and release toxic chemicals into the bedroom. Check any latex foam mattress under consideration for the Oeko-Tex 100, Green Guard, or Eco-Institute certification to ensure optimal health.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation has emerged as one of the most important buying criteria for mattress shoppers. Forget the gadgets hawked on television that allow one partner to click a button to roll the other partner back into the proper sleeping position. Latex naturally isolates sleeping movements to prevent the other side of the bed to tremor, when one of the partners rolls over or tosses and turns in his or her sleep.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Most retailers allow consumers to customize latex foam mattresses from top to bottom. Customization allows consumers to enjoy a certain feel that induces sleep or create a larger mattress that splits into two varied levels of firmness. Latex foam mattress layers that become unglued also offer consumers the chance to change mattress firmness.

Above all, latex has shown for decades that it is the most durable mattress material. One hundred percent latex foam mattresses typically outlast other types of foam mattresses by at least four years.

Latex Mattress Buying Tips

Although an all-natural latex foam mattress is difficult to find and costlier than blended and synthetic latex, the most responsive mattress on the market is worth the effort. One hundred percent natural latex provides the most comfortable sleeping positions. The highly durable foam mattress rarely leaves body impressions to keep your body contoured in a pain free position. Start latex foam mattress shopping by searching for natural latex. Then, follow a few other buying tips to maximize the benefits of latex foam mattresses.

Simple Design

Simple, uniform latex foam mattress designs eliminate the problems caused by shifting layers. Avoid latex foam mattresses that include multiple latex zones that combine natural, blended, and synthetic latex foam.

Outer Cover Matters

Shop for a latex foam mattress that includes a highly breathable outer cover. A wool blend does a great job of quickly removing moisture from the mattress. Remember that sleep involves a rigorous mental workout that often leaves the sheets damp with perspiration. Thin outer covers allow you to remain in close contact with what you want the most: latex.

Talalay vs. Dunlop Latex

Talalay and Dunlop natural latex brings different attributes to the sleeping table. Dunlop latex offers the better foundation layer for support. Talalay latex works best as a top layer to ensure you enjoy the most comfortable sleeping position.

Research, Research, Research

The best latex foam mattresses cost thousands of dollars. You cannot afford to take chances with latex foam mattress companies that do not have a strong record of offering high-quality products. Read online reviews to learn which companies have earned the best reputations for manufacturing high-quality latex foam mattresses.

The 3 Best Latex Mattresses

As many online reviews attest, not all latex foam mattresses are created equal. We have mentioned that 100% natural latex foam should top your buying criteria, but we also emphasized how hard it is to find all-natural latex foam mattresses. With that in mind, three latex mattresses stand out from the crowded field.

Royal Latex Quilt-Top Queen

The Royal Latex Quilt-Top Queen latex foam mattress is exactly what the doctor ordered for alleviating neck, back, and joint pain. This top-of-the-line latex foam mattress decreases the pressure applied on your body. Instead of exacerbating the pain caused by unnatural sleeping positions, the Royal Latex Quilt-Top Queen contours to provide natural support for whatever sleeping position you roll into during the night. Seven different firmness zones provide the levels of support that cover all of the sleeping bases. Each firmness zone matches the firmness requirements of specific areas of your body. For instance, the lumbar area of your body requires support to mitigate backpressure.

Versatility also earns the Royal Latex Quilt-Top Queen latex mattress a spot on the top three best latex mattresses list. You can use this latex foam mattress on top of a platform or box spring base. Because of the superior softness and unmatched support provided by the Royal Latex Quilt-Top mattress, the level of firmness of the bed base does not matter. This means you do not have to spend money on a new bed base to enjoy the benefits of this latex foam mattress.

This mattress is currently unavailable on Amazon, but you can still purchase it here.

You could also check out this alternative mattress: The Royal-Pedic Queen-Size Pillowtop Mattress w/ Box Spring, which comes with good reviews as well.

Lifekind Trio King

Consumers that suffer from one or more indoor allergies benefit from the anti-allergy properties found with the Lifekind Trio King mattress. The 100% natural latex mattress alleviates the suffering caused by asthma, hay fever, and upper respiratory ailments. Holes created in each layer of the mattress produce more than enough air circulation to prevent mold and mildew from establishing a stronghold within your bed. The milky liquid that forms latex also eliminates dust mites from growing and hence, creates the optimal sleeping environment.

Three separate layers comprise the Lifekind Trio King latex mattress. Each layer measures three inches thick and possesses different firmness levels that allow you to create the best combination of soft, medium, and firm. A quilted cover of naturally produced wool and certified organic cotton envelope each mattress layer. The Lifekind Trio King does not contain any chemicals to ensure you sleep comfortably at night.

You can currently only purchase this mattress direct from the Lifekind company.

However, here is a great alternative you can find on Amazon:  Certified Organic Cotton Lullaby Pillow Top 1.5″ (Queen)

Essentia Tatami Queen

The Essentia Tatami Queen applies the “Best of both worlds” principle to the design of the mattress. This mattress incorporates the best features of latex and memory foam mattresses to create one of the top three best latex mattresses on the market. However, the manufacturer uses natural memory foam derived from rubber tree sap, not the synthetic memory foam that releases noxious chemicals. Moreover, this mattress contains only one layer of memory foam, which makes it predominantly a latex mattress.

One-inch memory foam sits on top of seven inches of Dunlop latex. The combination of latex and memory foam produces a medium firmness that softens with the addition of SoftGrip cotton lining. Essentia Tatami Queen latex mattresses also include a layer of luxurious Zebrano fabric and stylish Bucaneve wrap. The Bucaneve wrap eliminates friction caused by different types of foam mattress layers.

We love this alternative as well, if you need yet another great option: Energie Opus (Queen) – Essentia Natural Memory Foam Mattress

My Final Thoughts on the Best Latex Mattresses

When it comes to latex mattresses, doing your research is half the battle, especially if you are going to buy online. There are a lot of good choices out there, so it’s possible to sleep soundly if you shop smart. When buying a latex mattress, it can be a big investment so make sure you know what you want before you shop. Buying form reputable companies also helps, that’s why I hope you like the top 3 picks that I’ve put together.

If I had to choose just one of the three, I think I’d go with the Essentia Tatami Queen – you just can’t go wrong with this mattress. It’s high-quality and receives so much praise, you’re going to love it!