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Amazon Prime Day Mattress Deals – Best Prime Day Deals on Mattresses and Bedding 

Amazon Prime Day Mattress Deals – Best Prime Day Deals on Mattresses and Bedding 
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There’s nothing quite as relaxing as climbing into your bed at the end of the day…unless your bed isn’t comfortable. If that’s the case, then you should definitely peruse Amazon for some Prime Day deals this year.

Whether you need a brand new mattress or you just want to top yours with some memory foam, you can use Prime Day to get a great discount on a high-quality item. You can also outfit your bed with smooth sheets, plush pillows, and cozy comforters to make it all the more inviting and snuggly at the end of every day.

Prime Day is a great time to stock up on all of the things you need to make your bed the best part of your day. You’ll be able to get the best rest possible and promote full-body support with the right items for you.

While you can save a lot of money, you have to act fast, because Amazon’s Prime Day doesn’t last forever. You can use our page to look at what deals to expect and keep updated on deals that won’t last long. Make a list and take advantage of the work we’ve done to keep you up to date on when the best deals will be available to you. You won’t want to miss out.

Top Prime Day Deals

Amazon regularly discounts mattresses and bedding on Prime Day. We’ve been able to anticipate Prime Day deals by looking at popular items and items that are regularly discounted every year. We’ve researched this year’s most popular mattresses and bedding to make sure we provide you with the most accurate information. We’ve done all the legwork for you so you don’t have to stress about it.

Top Prime Day Deals on Mattresses


There’s nothing like the right mattress to have you sleeping like an angel. No matter what size or what firmness you need, you’ll find it on Amazon. Plus, with Amazon’s return policies, you can save big on a new mattress and try it out to make sure you like it with no risk.

Read the Amazon reviews and get a great deal on the top name brands. Whether your kid is going off to college or your new-found back problems have you looking to switch, you can find something in your budget.

You can also get great discounts on crib mattresses for that new little bundle of joy you’re expecting. We all know it’s an expensive time, so look ahead to everything you’ll need and get it for cheaper now.

Check it out the most recent deals:

Top Prime Day Deals on Bedding

Sometimes your sheets make all the difference. If you love your mattress, but your sheets are worse for wear, stock up on some new sheets and get massive discounts. You can get high-quality, high thread count sheets that will last for years at great prices.

You may want to consider ordering extra of whatever you feel like you go through more often, whether it’s mattress protectors, pillowcases, or fitted sheets. Consider buying sheets for all seasons, too, because Prime Day only happens once a year, and you’ll want to take advantage of these deals while they last.

Prime day deals:

Top Prime Day Deals on Pillows

Lay your head on a brand new pillow using these Prime Day deals. Pillows take a real beating and should be replaced more often. There’s nothing that spruces up your bed and makes it feel brand new like a new pillow.

Order several so you can decorate your bed when you’re not in it and make it look even plusher and inviting. You may also want to think about ordering different sizes and textures as well as choose how fluffy you want them.

Pillow Deals:

Top Prime Day Deals on Comforters

bed sheets

You can really change the look of your bedroom with a comforter. Stock up on several different designs using Prime Day deals so you can keep your room updated for each season.

Order lightweight cotton for the summer and thick flannel for the winter. Make your guest room feel more like a retreat with something more plush and decorative.

Don’t forget to order a variety of designs so you can freshen up your look or have a few spare comforters on laundry day.

Top Deals:

Top Prime Day Deals on Anti Snoring Devices

Snoring is tough to cope with if you’re the partner who doesn’t! If you’ve found an anti-snoring device that works for you, stock up on extras while you can get a great discount. You’ll never go another night having to listen to snoring.

If you haven’t quite found the right one, try out several while the prices are low. You won’t waste your money paying full price and you may just find the one that works the best through Prime Day.

How Good are the Deals Really?

Well, typically you will see prices at their lowest point this year. Amazon really prides itself on offering the best discounts. While every deal will not be a “must-have” many items will be at their lowest point since Cyber Monday or Black Friday.

IF you stick to the trusted brands, you are bound to come away happy. Just be aware that there are some off name brand items that might not be as good as advertised. I’ll only be updating this page with the best deals from reputable brands, so if you stick with us you should be okay!

What Kind of Deals on Prime Day Mattresses and Sleep Products Can we Expect?

While mattresses are the main focus, you can expect all sorts of deals around bedding and pillows.

An emerging product category to track this year is Sleep Tech, which we will be watching closely.


Is Amazon having a Prime Day 2020?

You’ll be happy to hear that Prime Day is October 13 and 14. It’s coming up fast, so make sure you’re ready. While it’s typically in July, Amazon gave us all a bit more time to prepare. Now the time is right for getting holiday and new year ready!

What is Prime Day and how does it work?

Prime Day is an event hosted by Amazon that gives Prime members exclusive access to really great deals. You’ll get discounts on new items and all of the things you need. It’s a great time to do some holiday shopping or stock up on necessities.

How do I find Amazon Lightning Deals?

Lightning Deals during Prime Day can give you even more discounts, but you have to act fast. They’re for a limited time and feature limited inventory, so you have to log on to purchase when the item goes on sale.

Final Thoughts

Make your bed more inviting with Prime Day deals on mattresses and bedding this year. Bookmark this page for the latest deals and tips on how you can find the best deals yourself.

We’ve done most of the legwork for you, but you’ll still have to act fast to get these in your cart.