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Top 3 Best Anti-Snore Pillows (That You’ll Really Love)

Top 3 Best Anti-Snore Pillows (That You’ll Really Love)
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Millions of Americans snore at night but men and overweight adults at more at risk. This habit is often more annoying to household companions than the actual person with the problem, but habitual snorers shouldn’t ignore their partner’s complaints. While there aren’t serious health issues that can be caused by snoring, this habit can reduce sleep quality and may actually be a warning sign of a pre-existing health problem.

Chronic snoring can lead to headaches, fatigue, low oxygen levels in the blood, and light sleeping. Even though you may not realize it consciously when you snore your body is unable to achieve deep sleep and will wake up during the night. It’s no coincidence that many snorers feel drowsy the next morning.

There are plenty of devices on the market that is supposed to stop snoring, but many of them seem to have hit-or-miss results. Anti-snore pillows are a popular option but positive reviews are sporadic. This is likely because people snore for different reasons, and the habit can be caused by health problems.

Snorers with serious obstructive sleep apnea will likely not have their habit simply fixed by a pillow, as they need medical help for this condition. There are also other snore aid options (mouthpieces etc…). An anti-snoring pillow is a great first solution to try.

On the plus side, snorers that don’t have underlying health conditions or find they only snore when their head is in a certain position can benefit from an anti-snore pillow. If you fall into this category and have already been cleared for good health by your physician, purchasing an anti-snore pillow could be very helpful.

Introducing: The Best Anti Snore Pillows

Here are the top 3 anti-snoring pillow solutions that have a good track record for halting this annoying habit.

Science of Sleep Snore No More Pillow

Sometimes all you need is a basic anti-snore pillow that is inexpensive and will work like it’s supposed to. Science of Sleep’s Snore No More pillow is traditional contoured memory foam pillow that retails for well under $45 and can be found at a number of different retailers. If you’re new to anti-snore pillows and are hesitant to spend the money, this would be a good first choice.

Specs and Features:

  • Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
  • Works by elevating the head and neck to prevent snoring from occurring
  • Comes with a washable 65% polyester + 35% cotton blend cover
  • Works with most pillowcases
  • Dimensions – 21″ x 15″ x 5″

Bad head and neck position is often the cause of snoring. What tends to happen is the chin falls towards the chest or the head falls unnaturally too far back, both of which can elicit snoring. The Snore No More pillow is contoured in a design that cradles the head properly – it keeps your chin raised away from your chest while still keep your neck aligned to prevent pain. Some snorers that also suffer from neck pain find that this pillow leaves their neckless sore as well.

This pillow takes some getting used to but is a good starting point for someone with mild snoring. Some people find that it isn’t as comfortable as traditional pillows, as the Snore No More is a very high-density foam. While most pillows are soft, this one’s purpose is to provide support and maintain a specific head position, so naturally, it has to be firm.

Level Sleep Restore Pillow


Maybe snoring isn’t the only concern you have when it comes to buying a new pillow. The Level Sleep Restore Pillow has more benefits than just giving you a quieter night’s sleep. This pillow retails for $99 but is worth every penny if you want a new pillow that will last you for a while and provide more than one type of support. You can purchase the pillow direct from their site.

Specs and Features:

  • Provides ergonomic head support
  • Dual neck support (flip pillow for more/less firmness)
  • Adjustable height
  • Unique ear wells for side sleepers
  • Breathable fabric cover keeps head cool

Level calls their Sleep Restore pillow the “Swiss Army Knife” of pillows, and it’s easy to see why. They managed to pack in a number of different features so you aren’t stuck having to swap out multiple pillows just to get some sleep.

This ergonomic pillow’s main section is the ergonomic head support in the center of the pillow. This section provides enough support to keep the head stable but isn’t so firm that it is uncomfortable to sleep in any other position besides back. The neck pillow support section is actually made of two types of firmness – all you need to do is turn the pillow 180 depending on what is most comfortable for you.

A feature not often seen on pillows yet is extremely useful, are “ear wells”. When looking at the Sleep Restore pillow you will see indents on all four corners of the pillow. For side sleepers, sometimes discomfort will occur from firm foam pillows crushing or twisting the ear. This can be especially annoying for those that sleep with earrings. These ear wells provide some space, reducing pressures on the ears and allowing side sleepers more comfort.


Nora Smart Snoring Solution

Last but not least is the Nora Smart Snoring Solution. While this device isn’t actually a pillow, it does work in conjunction with a pillow to prevent snoring. For many people that can’t find an anti-snore pillow that is both comfortable and gives results, the Nora could be just what they need. You can use this device with your favorite pillow, ensuring you get the same level of bedtime comfort you are accustomed to, or try it with an anti-snore pillow for maximum results. You can find Nora Smart Snoring Solution on their site.

Specs and Features:

  • Two-piece device set – the Nora snore-sensing device and a small pump
  • Completely non-invasive, portable, silent, and works with smartphone technology
  • Can be used with any pillow
  • Works for every type of sleeper (back, stomach & side)

The Nora device is simple yet fairly genius. For many snorers, all that is needed to stop the problem is changing position. Those with a snoring partner may have even moved their companion to get them to stop snoring. The Nora does this position change by “hearing” when the sleeper is snoring. It then communicates to the small insert, placed under the pillow, which is connected to a silent air pump. As you begin to snore, the air pump is turned on and inflates the insert, thereby lifting (or lowering) your head until the snoring stops.

A great feature of this device is that it connects to your smartphone, giving you access to an app that tracks your snoring and sleep patterns. It can even record noise at night so you can hear your own snoring patterns, as well as see graphs of how your sleep is improving.

Sometimes snorers just can’t find a single pillow that will always stop their snoring. For those people, the Nora is a great solution.

Some Final Thoughts on the Best Anti-Snore Pillows

You may have to experiment a bit with different snoring solutions to find one that works for you, but it is well worth the effort. Stopping this annoying habit will help you achieve more restful sleep, as well as allow your partner to get a better night’s rest as well. A pillow that works can be a much easier alternative than many complicated anti-snore device solutions.

While each of these 3 anti-snore pillow solutions works, you may find that one works better for you than others.

Try to purchase from a retailer that allows returns in the event you find your pillow isn’t giving you the relief from snoring you need.