Author: Zach Pike

Zach is a mattress salesman by day, sleep specialist by night. Tired of just sharing his knowledge with a small audience in retail - and not having enough money to open a mattress store on his own - Zach turned online to try to create the premier community for sleep products, advice, and solutions online.


Best Pillowcases for Acne [2021]: Help Heals Skin Overnight

Did you know that your pillowcase may be a factor in your struggle for clear skin? Not everyone has acne issues because of their pillowcases, but if you’ve been trying various acne-fighting regimens and acne products without complete success you might want to take notice. A pillowcase probably won’t cause …

Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday Mattress Deals 2021

It’s that time of year again. Whether you are looking for a brand new mattress or a super comfortable pillow set, I’ve got all the Cyber deals covered in one spot. With the proliferation of mattress in a box online companies, I felt it was extremely useful to keep track …

Top 5 Best Teas for Sleep, Lots of Sleep

A nationwide study done by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke found that roughly 60 million Americans suffer from some type of sleep issue. While it isn’t always clear how these issues develop, it is clear that many people are probably searching for ways to fall asleep faster …

Top 4 Best Mattresses for Hip Pain

Hip pain is especially prominent in-side sleepers, as pressure is easily put on either side of the hips in this position. This is a common issue as a vast majority of people are side sleepers. If you’re dedicated to sleeping on your side and find no comfort in switching to a …

Top 3 Best Cooling Mattress Pads for Maximum Comfort

Does your sleep ever get interrupted from waking up from feeling too warm or too cold in bed? If you do you’re not alone. You may have heard the term “hot sleeper” or “warm sleeper” when shopping for mattresses or bedding. This describes someone that tends to feel too warm …

Top 5 Best Smart Sleep Monitors

A nationwide study done by the CDC found that more than ⅓ of Americans do not get the proper amount of sleep on a regular basis. It’s largely recommended that the average adult gets at least 7 hours of rest a night, yet many fall short due to sleep disorders, …