Author: SleeperInChief


The Avocado Green Pillow Review [2021]

Can you honestly say you would mind sleeping in the most premium of beds, on luxurious mattresses, surrounded by high-quality bedding accessories? Gone were the days when natural and organic pillows were pretentious and used to cost a fortune. Even if they are still more expensive than a regular pillow, …

6 Best Lumbar Cushion for Recliners for 2021

The recliner is a wonderfully comfortable and cozy piece of furniture that a lot of people crave to have. There’s nothing like grabbing a glass of wine, your favorite blankie, and the remote control and snuggling in your recliner for a well-deserved relaxation session after a long day’s work. Today’s …

Serta Coralee Mattress Review [2021]

The Serta Counting Sheep are easily recognizable in any of their commercials, but Serta as a company has been around since 1931 when they released their very first mattress. Serta quickly became a household name for everything to do with beds, from luxurious mattress topper to perfectly stuffed pillows, but …